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Mujezat Al-Shifa General Trading Company was established in 1995 in the state of Kuwait with a leading reputation in the food industry. We started our activity by exporting and packaging health and natural foods that includes a variety of different types of honey, oil, herbal tea, green tea, and vinegar. Our products variety grew in just few years to reach 200 different kinds that encompass a comprehensive range of herbs, nuts, grains, canned foods, and finally frozen foods. Our point of sale The Establishmentreached 120 points in Kuwait. Outside Kuwait, we have given dealership to a number of trade agents in the remaining Gulf countries, in addition to participating in international food exhibitions. Today, more than 200 employees work at Mujezat Al-Shifa Company. The company has 5 head offices 3 of these are regional offices located in Kuwait, Dubai and Jeddah that provide new sources to cover the needs of their markets and a branch in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is created to cover the south east of Asian markets beside the company inaugurated agency into the African continent at South Africa to duly cover the continent markets at meantime, a new branch was opened in the state of Virginia of U.S.A for relevant market coverage and supply. In addition, new branches are under process in Egypt, Syria and India in addition to group of sub-agents and distributors in other countries exploring other resources to cover the needs of their markets as our products cover more than 40 countries distributed at five continents.

The company aims to establish the trade name (Mujezat Al-Shifa) throughout a variety of media and marketing campaigns. The offices of the company extend over 4000 square meters and have contract storage with PWC "Agility". The company has received a number of Certificates of Appreciation from different financial institutes as an affirmation for its strong stable financial performance and high commitment. Kuwait Finance House is considered one of the most important success partners of the company through credit facilities and collection services with cooperatives, the biggest distributor of our company’s products. (Mujezat Al-Shifa) has received a number of International Quality Certificates from specialized organizations for administration, industry and health, on top of that the ISO and HACCP. Finally, Mujezat Al-Shifa products was certified and authorized for sale & Trade from The Saudi Food and Drug Organization (SFD), the company was registered in American, German and other food organizations. The company has signed a contract with Tareq Al-Ghanem Company, who supervises the most advanced automated storage, accounting, and management systems. The company also received many honorary awards for its contributions to social activities and programs.

Honeys and Bee Products

Selling honey in our markets was traditionally a hobby for those who have a passion for honey. These sellers were keen to acquire honey comb and extract honey of small quantities. When Mujezat Al-Shifa honey entered local markets in its characteristic containers and with new and rare different types, it became popular among large slice of society. Each container carried a pledge and commitment to pay 3 thousand dollar prize to anyone who could prove tampering with a single drop in any of Mujezat Al-Shifa honey containers, at any specialized analysis lab accredited by the Ministry of Health. That covenant gained & strengthens client trust in Mujezat Al-Shifa products, till it became a pioneer in this industry that later included products of the Kingdom of Bees of which high nutritious and health benefits. The most important of which was Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Venom, Pollen Grains and others that people can purchase today in the markets and areas through which we operate.

Natural Oils

With the expansion of Mujezat Al-Shifa Company client base, many clients expressed their desires that we provide natural oil products, especially among those clients who are interested in health and natural foods. They found their goal in our honey products, and looked to us to provide them with other useful products derived from the origins of Islamic and Arab cultures. After extensive studies, we decided to enter into the world of natural oil at a level that suits company’s reputation and the general trust in its products. We researched our trusted resources for an entire year till we presented the first natural oil product to our markets. Initially, we started with the Palestinian oil and then followed by Jordanian and finally the Syrian oil. Over time, customer’s demand of these products increased steadily, as these products have achieved notable presence in our markets, according to market studies we have conducted. We expect that the oil products will witness a qualitative leap during next phase in light of the improvements introduced by the company, and the signing of number of contracts with new resources that would increase the uniqueness and benefits of its products.

Herbal and Green Tea

Within few years our business evolved and expanded to incorporate green tea that was introduced as one of the most important nutritional health products to become popular among our clients due to their deep rooted awareness of its importance and health benefits. Thus, the company started to provide green tea in sample packages that were distributed in our markets. As soon as we detected the high speed with which those samples were sold out, we become aware of the impact of our name at the public, and we were ascertained of the extent of trust given to us by our clients, and the enormity of the challenges we are facing to reach their expectations and satisfaction. We began to offer types of well-packed natural tea free of artificial flavors and agricultural contaminants. A simple comparison with the brands sold in our markets is sufficient to show any observer the added value offered by Mujezat Al-Shifa products.

The Vision

A pioneering company in the manufacturing of natural and comprehensive foods on par with the leading first ten companies in the region within the next five years, to be managed by team of high technical and administrative qualifications, with products available in more than 500 points of sale.

The Message

To provide the best types of natural and comprehensive foods at competitive prices according to international quality standards. To achieve continuous growth and meet future expansions while attracting distinguished capabilities and enriching them with ongoing training at the company’s headquarters that would reflect the size of our activities and aspirations.

Core Values

The company adheres to a group of core values that represent a comprehensive system that regulates its path and controls its activity, and has a great effect on decisions and strategic trends.

Of the most important values:

   Improvement and Proficiency:

These are high quality standards that include commitment and discipline, in addition to investigating the best standards that achieve improvement. The company was able to acquire the most distinguished international certificates in achieving high administrative, industrial, and food quality.

   Diversity and Comprehensiveness:

We deliver many items and products from sources that cover 40 countries in all continents, and in return, we cherish that our clients include peoples from various cultures and ethnicities.

   Partnership and Integration:

That we build with our clients based on integration. We sense our responsibility towards their valued trust. The company’s bet needs the accumulation of experiences and efforts to practically reflect on our dealings and we believe it is a reflection of the integration we seek with our clients.

   Transparency and Credibility:

The company enjoys high credibility with its clients by which it has earned the trust of large market segment of importers and consumers. Its reputation is valued and admired by many due to its experience and commitment to the moral standards it has set for itself. We have been keen on constant communication with our clients through news and coverage to inform the public of our products and achievements.


It is a constant desire that urges us to reach higher levels and to make competition an opportunity to provide the best to our clients all the time. We have sought in every stage to provide the additions that enrich our reputation with our clients, a value that we are keen to preserve as a mark of our excellence and leadership.

Objectives and Goals

Mujezat Al-Shifa Company for General Trading seeks, through its strategic vision that guides its activity, to achieve a qualitative change in the purchasing behavior of consumers, and their way of thinking with respect to their food needs, the inclination towards natural and healthy foods now that most of food has become contaminated with various unhealthy artificial additives that have a direct impact on human health and growth, and their direct effect on the human environment that casts the shadows of its pollutants on nature and human life. The company hopes to provide through its own initiative natural comprehensive foods with direct health benefits at reasonable prices to the clients, and make our products available as near as possible to them in order to be accessible, while constantly seeking to develop the current products with respect to quality, packaging, and presentation, and to introduce new products according to our high standards that would achieve the satisfaction we aspire to from our clients.

The most important objectives and goals that we aim to achieve or actively contribute to are:


   To participate in establishing nutritious awareness, being a health and global demand, within the company’s local environment, and then in the regional and global fields of work.

   To reach this objective the company aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Introduce nutritious trends and comparative criteria between food components, and the basis of purchase according to the health benefits and actual need through campaigns aired on TV, radios and newspapers.

  • Participate in food exhibitions and present our nutritious views through periodicals and pamphlets, in addition to participating in public seminars and specialized conferences, and submitting working papers that reflect our experiences and the results we achieved through our long expertise and practice.

  • Establishing "I'jaz" Center for Food Studies and Research, which forms a practical addition for the purpose of rectifying the course of consumers and directing them towards healthy food consumption, and selecting the more suitable food products according to scientific criteria and tried basis.


The ongoing improvement of products and the methods of presentation to clients and consumers.

   For that purpose the company seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Contracting a company for marketing studies to determine our market share and evaluate the extent of client satisfaction with our products, and methods of improving their presentation to the clients and consumers where we are present, provided that the studies are professional and scientific, covering our markets and are carried out regularly.

  • Seeking new suppliers through constant visits to exporting and producing countries, participating in global exhibitions specializing in natural and health foods, and subscribing to and advertising in specialized periodicals.

  • Acquiring more international quality certificates related to administrative, health, nutritious, and industrial aspects, aiming to acquire new versions thereof, and making sure to achieve the highest degree of overseeing the implementation of its criteria on products and work management.


Intensifying presence in active markets to acquire experience and achieve exposure.

   For that purpose the company seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Qualitative presence in local markets, provided that the company has a main branch in every province, in addition to a network of points of sale in every main food market in public food areas and markets in the province.

  • Opening regional offices, beginning with Dubai and Jeddah and reaching five regional offices that handle the import and export operations of the company products during the next five years.

  • A Coalition with authorized agents in the five continents.

The company's scope of work intertwines in three circles.


Locally: where the Company launches from Kuwait, focusing attention on local citizens and residents.


Regionally: where the Company is directed towards the Arab countries, to cover the needs of their communities due to the exclusiveness of its products.


Globally: by targeting the markets of international societies, taking into consideration different environments and variety of cultures, including those who are interested in healthy food.

Natural & Basic Foods:

Distinguished by their natural components and primary characteristics, those are included in the composition of the foods consumed by our esteemed consumers (Honey – Oil – Natural and Green Tea – Vinegar - …).

Health Supplement Foods:

Which have medicinal benefits, proven through lab testing, and have received health license for human consumption, where the Company seeks their resources and licenses to present them to those who would benefit from them according to their requirements and regulations that governs their consumption, such as (Ginseng – Pollen Seeds – Bee Products...).

Comprehensive Foods:

Such as (Herbs, Grains, Nuts, Frozen Foods…) which includes various types of food consumed by people and that form the main components of their daily diet. The company seeks to ascertain its presence amid the wide competition in markets, and is keen to acquire an effective and growing market share based on studied and controlled expansions.

Followings are the company contractors for different services offered by us.

Contract List Contractor Names
Corporate Legal Affairs Center of rule & law Consultants
Computer System maintainece contract Ocean Soft co.
Fire Fighter Contractors Abdul Hameed Al Essa Co.
Account Audit Contract Horwathal Muhannand Partners
Press & Printing release contractors Al - Warraq international Press
Al-Khat Printing Press
Money Collection Contractors Kuwait Finance House (KFH)
Advertising Contract Micro solutions
Company Insurance Wethaq Takaful Insurance company
Insurance Ghazaal Insurance company
Banking Contract Kuwait Finance House (KFH)
Clean & Care Stores Juma Partners Co.
Chemical Examination Mujeza Laboratory
Examination Aniat Boisfah device (HP/C) Kuwait Insitute of scientific reasearch
Microbiology Examination

Testing Analysis

  • 35S
  • TNOS
  • FMV

This group of tests in a PCR which is based on DNA analysis of the material where the grains are separated Pollen from honey to ease DNA analysis of honey.

Analysis proves that the honey does not have genetically modified material, because the three tests are negative.(Ve-)

Analysis (35 S) proves that the honey does not have a material by genetic and gene shift viruses transmitted from the existing plants, which take them bee's nectar and pollen.

Planto Testing Germany

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