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Would you give us a quick Introduction about your Company the Producer of "Mujeza Honey"?

Our company is a family business specialized in the production of organic health foods. It was established in Kuwait in 1995. Our company is licensed by the Kuwaiti Government and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. We exports foods under the trade name Mujeza al Shifa to all Arab countries, and recently we started to export to the United States of America, Europe, and some East Asian countries on top is Malaysia.

What’s Your Company Primary Focus?

In a nutshell, our primary focus is Quality. We got a number of certificates from governmental and social institutions, in addition to a number of management and product quality certificates from major professional entities around the world. We exchange relations and visits with specialized companies all over the world and exchange information on an on-going basis. We are also keen to fulfill our social mission to increase people's awareness of the benefits of healthy foods, and to return to nature's sound ways. We strive to achieve our mission through participating in health exhibitions at schools, universities, and hospitals, as well as spearheading media campaigns.

What’s Mujeza Main Products in Malaysia?

The beginning was with our most important product “Natural Honey”. We have inherited the honey trade from our parents and then took it to the next level. Nevertheless, we don't deal in all types of natural honey; for we are strictly specialized in medicinal honey produced from the nectar of rare and mountainous plants, such as Sisyphus and Nagella Seed (Black Cumin).

Are People Aware of these Types of Honey?

Countless knowledgeable, health foods and herbs enthusiasts around the world are aware of honey's value and types. There are also naturopaths who use honey and herbs in their treatments. Our primary focus goes to such groups because they know the true value of our honey. Add to this the ordinary people who just love honey and all other bee products.

What Dignify Mujeza Honey from other types of honey in the market?

Honey value and benefits are directly related to the value and benefits of the plants' nectar that nourish the bees. Naturopaths mix various herbs with honey to create concoctions and supplements. We constantly move Mujeza hives to areas close to such beneficial plants so that the bees would produce honey out of those plants’ nectars. This process gives our customers the finest natural honey that maintains the highly nutritious value of those plants without the need to mix their leaves with honey. The end product is delicious and might be used either as a treatment or for daily consumption.

It should be noted here that such plants does not grow in Asian countries. Our honey also excels in flavor, color, and aroma. Mujeza honey is very delicious; one could intake large quantities of it without any effect to one's throat. Once tasted, it is hard not to get hooked on it. Due to the unprecedented demand for our products, we make participate in exhibitions and offer free samples of our heavenly honey to the public. This of course makes them hopeless devotees to Mujeza honey. Needless to say; that our customers are Mujeza's best publicists. Their satisfaction is our success. And this is something we never fail to guarantee. More importantly is Mujeza's medicinal effects, especially in warding off diseases such as coughing or phlegm. One spoonful of our wonder honey can clear the chest of the most adamant smoker; helps vitalize the body and increase its fitness. This, I believe is the secret behind the success-story & the rapid spread of our honey all over the world.

How Interested Arab countries with honey and bee products?

In general, Arabs have long shown great interest in honey, whether for religious purposes or because of its sweet taste. Arabs are honey enthusiast, especially in the Gulf region, where they can tell the source of honey from its taste and aroma. They are particularly fond of raw unrefined honey that contains pollen and honey wax, due to the innumerable benefits of these components. Gulf countries regulations are notoriously strict with respect to monitoring honey imports so to prevent the entry of any contaminated or brewed honey as a result of bad storage or damage resulting from exposure to high temperatures. It's a known fact that heating strips honey of all active enzymes.

Explain how “Mujeza Honey” is Organic?

The farms and plants on which bees feed to produce our honey are 100% organic. We do not use chemicals, pesticides, nor is our honey genetically engineered. We follow an organic production process, beginning with honey extraction, all the way through its storage, packaging, distribution, and serving at our customers' food tables.

How optimistic are you towards succeeding in Malaysian Market?

We are very optimistic. Last year we participated in the International Halal Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. We found people highly knowledgeable about natural products, honey, and herbs and they have received our products in a way that exceeded our expectations. Thus came up our decision to open a branch there.

Finally, how could average consumer Verifying the Nature of Mujeza Honey?

We have all the quality certificates from the countries we operate in. Also products entering Malaysia will be rechecked before being sold. We don't ask people to come and buy our products at once, but we call upon them to make sure themselves and we offer them free samples. This way they can be absolutely sure of what they are buying. We only sell pure honey, because our customers use honey widely for medicinal purposes. We are confident that they'll benefit and enjoy our original honey, and be satisfied with it in sickness as well as in health. The final judgment remains in the hands of our customers, who, once they taste our sweet honey and smell its flowery aroma, will confirm the purity of our natural honey.

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