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How Move to Organic ?

Mujezat Alshifa Shifts to Organic Products

Our Quality Control Department has made the following statement:

Out of its faithfulness, its great success during a record period as a result of credibility and perseverance to meet the customers’ ambitions, Mujezat Alshifa is in the process of shifting to organic products in response to the need of providing natural healthy items. The idea is not newly born, but dates back to many years ago. Efforts are currently in full swing, with the assistance of an international consultant company, for shifting to organic products following the high demand these products have met in Europe and USA owing to the scarcity of natural resources in industrialized countries, let alone tampering with genes in an attempt to increase production, beautify colours and even try to make a better savory taste.

However, Mideastern countries in general and the Arab world in special are endowed by Allah with plenty of organic agricultural products. Furthermore, it is easy to find resources for almost all products, either in our countries or in others like India, Malaysia and Thailand, for instance. But this requires activating the Quality Control Section upon purchase for finding reliable sources and checking every consignment to confirm that it has been produced naturally. But all products might not be as easy to provide as before. This could create some problems with warehouses and our customers who we are sure they will understand our situation.

In this case, the cost will undoubtedly increase or sometimes go double vis-a’-vis having our conditions met in terms of obtaining good products that amount to as many as 200 types. But our compensation, in return, will be big markets open for us among groups of people aware of the added value of organic products in our communities or in other foreign markets. Moreover, we do not intend to hike the prices of our products. As you also know, our organic raw materials are exported abroad at very low prices and come back to us at higher rates after being processed.

Therefore, we resolved to get engaged in the business because the cost is lower here, the products originate here, the packaging takes place here and the marketing movement has become active here. So, what prevents business to be initiated here? Those good results would not have been achieved unless we had obtained quality certificate and recognition of our good-quality products by advanced countries.

This helped push the business and motivated us to walk the road of progress and prosperity. All that was done in cooperation with a specialized well-reputed international company, following tests, check-ups and all types of audit our company passed in conformity with the standards placed for organic products. Such a certificate is used in European and American countries whose markets we are targeting. As a matter of fact, consumers in our countries in special and in the Middle East in general will be the first beneficiaries from this great shift to organic products. In the past, we used to buy our raw materials from all sources. But the process will now run more carefully for selecting things that meet the ambitions of our customers whose satisfaction is our top priority. Finally, we are tied to suppliers with clear-cut, specific and established contracts under strict legal obligations that are mandatory in terms of ensuring quality and accurate dates of delivery.

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