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The Secrets of Mujeza

Mujezat Al-Shifa Company was launched as a small project sponsored by Kuwait that adopts and nurtures all private initiatives. The founders of the company had a good background in the extraction and production of honey, a trade they have inherited from their parents and forefathers. This trade was not yet the industry it has turned into today, thanks to their efforts over the years. The summer of 1994 was the actual launch of the activity of Mujeza Company as brothers Muhammad and Abdullah finished their academic year. They were hardworking students at the Religious Institute, and they belonged to Al-Mujaddedi family. Thus the idea was born to import a number of well known types of honey to the Gulf region and the Arabian Peninsula, which is Ziziphus a type abundant in their country. They began by giving presents to their friends and teachers, and then one of their friends proposed selling samples of that honey to those interested in natural honey and who want to purchase types of quality guaranteed honey, especially as the selling of adulterated honey and the high price of good brands were widespread at that time.

The first step began when the elder brother Muhammad who took the step to provide what that friend proposed; He noticed that there is a demand. So, he decided to go into the honey industry with modest capital as he had limited resources, the most important of which was his honesty, integrity, the quality of the product, and its price, which later came to be known as accessible to all. The secret of success as Muhammad describes it is in "taking the initiative". He had stumbled in his first drive when he attempted to market his product to people, to the extent that his brother decided to terminate the project as the profits from the sales did not cover the commitments of the project. But he decided to make the feeling of termination the motive to move forward. He decided to publish & advertise in the newspaper on which he gambled the future of his project. He called people to own a container of his special honey for free, with payment after confirming its positive effects, of which he was sure, and people came in droves. That was in the month of Ramadan of 1996, when people swarmed his humble shop in Al-Rehab Complex. During Al Eid, he contacted his clients and God's wellbeing poured on him as he regained 90% of the value of what he gave to the people after they were assured of the honey's benefit and his sincerity. That was the beginning of a new phase in the life of this company. This company was, thank God, very successful. New partners and financiers joined work and cooperated as a single team: This gave a strong impulse for this pilot project.

Mujeza al shifa started with Two Products

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