Green Gardens Honey

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Bees extracted it from the nectar of more than one type of flower and it has more than one benefit and contains a percentage of various pollen, which gives it a high nutritional value to sweeten drinks and foods, an essential source of energy used in weight loss. To treat dry throat and cough, improve vision, treat nervous headaches, prevent eczema, herpes, psoriasis, and boils, activate and purify blood circulation, and is very useful for allergies, dizziness, vomiting, constipation, excess acidity, and uterine contractions. And useful for the nervous colon and the general health of all family members.

Green Gardens Honey

Green orchards honey rich in distinctive plants of various colors, and the greater the number of plants, the greater the health benefits and delicious taste of honey. It is a mixture of the nectar of a group of orchard plants such as basil, rose, carnation, mint, coriander, hibiscus, marjoram, thyme, alfalfa and everything that is included in green orchards. The bees collect the nectar of their flowers to produce honey that has a wonderful smell that reflects its source and sweetness higher than mountain honey, but its viscosity is lower and therefore it is easy to absorb and reaches the blood circulation faster to send vitality and activity


  • Very rich in antioxidants that are useful for preventing cancer and skin wrinkles.
  • Nourishes the skin and renews its cells.
  • It strengthens immunity, especially against colds and influenza, because it contains an organic antibiotic.
  • Useful for coughing and congestion of pharynx.
  • Useful for indigestion and colon problems.
  • Relieves sore throat and gum inflammation
  • It strengthens memory, which makes it useful for students and the elderly.
  • Excellent for athletes, especially before a great effort.
  • Relieves fatigue and physical exhaustion, helps sleep and get rid of insomnia.
  • It tastes delicious and is very neutral, making it an ideal way to sweeten tea and coffee

Honey Family-Size Value Pack .. Varied Flower Flavors at Competitive Prices (New Product )

Within the framework of its ongoing quest to provide a bouquet of the best innovative products and services to its valued customers, and under the slogan “Make your Life Sweeter with Al-Mujezat Honey “. Mujezat Al-Shifa company launched for the first time the Family-Size Value Honey Pack that weight 5 kg and sold at wholesale prices starting from KD10 only. The new economic honey pack, available at the various branches of the company located in all regions of the State of Kuwait, is characterized by varied flavors depending on different sources of nectar on which bees feed. It provides top quality honeys of spring flowers, citrus flowers, green orchards, Mountain Sider and black forest. All these various types of honey are carefully selected from among the best qualities of natural honey offered by Mujezat Al-Shifa. They are also enhanced with some additions of propolis. In addition, They were not subjected to high temperature heating in order to maintain the characteristics and benefits of natural honey.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Mujadadi, chairman of Mujezat Al-Shifa company, confirms that launching that new value pack came out of the company’s management desire to meet all the needs of restaurants and natural sweets and confectionery factories as well as to provide a special gift to the company loyal customers who believe in the benefits of natural honey provided to them by a Mujezat Al-Shifa and want to eat it daily and rely mainly on it in preparing various foods and drinks instead of the traditional sugar especially for their children. Such conviction is based on natural honey proven extensive nutritional and therapeutic benefits. It also promotes immunity and prevents diseases in adults and children. Yet, the basic problem faced by these customer is the high price of natural honey, so Mujezat Al-Shifa company decided to launch this economic pack under the brand “Al-Waleed” and at a low price. Moreover, the new pack features the “Golden Warranty” which ensures the quality and purity of the honey and requires the company to pay $ 10,000 if it is proven otherwise.


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