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Bees produce this unique honey from a sweet substance called honeydew, produced by aphids that feed on wild oak trees in summer. It is an evergreen tree that grows in the Mediterranean countries and some similar climatic regions around the world. It is abundant in the Lebanese mountains of medium altitude, and its age extends for hundreds of years. Its wood is used in the luxurious wood industries, also types of ink are extracted from it. Its fruits have medicinal and therapeutic effects.

Oak honey is usually darker in color than other types of honey, and is distinguished by its dark color to black and contains a high proportion of minerals, has a strong flavor and has nutritional and medicinal benefits. It is appreciated by those who know and connoisseurs. There are many types of it, but the Lebanese oak tree honey has a special flavor that is unmatched in the world

Benefits of oak honey:

  • Due to its richness in iron and calcium, it benefits patients with anemia and weak bones, especially pregnant women and children
  • It contains potassium, which helps regulate heart function and blood pressure.
  • Oak honey stimulates the liver and pancreas, purifies the blood, by removing toxins and regulating cholesterol levels
  • It contains a lot of important minerals and vitamins, in addition to the fact that it contains rare antioxidants that make it useful for preventing cancer, diabetes, weakness of aging, and tonic for the body and brain functions.
  • It is very useful for inflammation and enlargement of the prostate in men and prevents urinary incontinence
  • An effective sexual tonic and stimulant because it contains minerals, vitamins and biological active compounds.
  • Oaks honey strengthens the immune system and helps in treating infections as it contains an anti-proliferation of microbes, which helps in treating microbial infections, especially in the respiratory and urinary systems.
  • It helps patients with indigestion and is considered an effective treatment for hemorrhoids because it relieves the body from chronic constipation


How is oak honey used?

It is taken daily 50-20 grams of oak honey in the morning before eating any food or drink and the consumer refrains from consuming drinks and foods for a period of more than a quarter of an hour, to facilitate the absorption of minerals and nutrients. Repeat the dose in the evening with dinner.

Note: The consumer can permanently consume honey in the recommended quantities throughout the year.


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