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Myrtle Oil for hair - Mujezat Al-Shifa
Shuwaikh 3rd Industrial Area, Kuwait

Presentation of the product:

100% natural and free from any chemicals


Mujezat Al-Shifa ,for treatment of hair loss, introduces "natural myrtle oil", which is a 100 % pure juice from the myrtle plant with extra virgin olive oil extract.

Its importance and features:

This natural lotion deeply moisturizes the scalp thus protects it from drying out and thus prevents the appearance of dandruff, as well as moisturizes and nourishes the hair and increases it shininess and softness, in addition to protecting it from breaking and falling, and thus helps hair growth, strengthening and lengthening.


Myrtle natural oil will restore elasticity to the hair and become manageable, and as a result of its unique formula, it will cleanse the scalp as it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Myrtle and olive oil have many benefits for hair, as it fixes the hair that has been damaged as a result of using the dryer, hairspray and other preparations that contain chemicals harmful to the hair, and with repeated use regularly, you will notice a great improvement in the appearance and texture of your hair.

What is myrtle:

It is a small evergreen shrub that often grows in damp and shady places, and the plant has many branches bearing close, leathery-textured leaves with a fragrant aromatic scent.

Benefits of myrtle oil for hair

-   Helps prevent hair loss.

-   It gives it an intense and lustrous look.

 -  Makes hair healthier and stronger.

-   Helps stop hair loss.

Information on the myrtle plant:

The myrtle plant has a prominent historical place among the peoples of the world since ancient times. The Romans revered its flower, and for Greece it was a symbol of victory, but for Muslims it has a popular spiritual value as it is placed or planted over the graves as a symbol of mercy and communication with the ancestors. In the folklore of Al Shaam area, it is mentioned in many poems, proverbs and popular songs, including the phrase "Your body look like basil" is a metaphor for eternal youth and life.


Myrtle has many uses. In ancient times, when baby powder was not known, crushed myrtle leaves were placed on the body of a young child, emitting this fragrant scent from green myrtle leaves, and its aromatic oil has many amazing healing properties, including cosmetic and therapeutic.

Myrtle plant is known scientifically as Myrtus Communis and myrtle contains volatile oils, the most important of which are cineole, gabainin, martinol and limonene, and fatherpenol, geraniol, and myrtol, as well as containing tannins.

Natural myrtle oil has been used along with olive oil since the era of the Pharaohs in treating damaged hair, it strengthens the roots and roots of the hair, prevents falling and split ends, improves its appearance significantly, giving it smoothness, length and luster, gives it density and protects it from damage


As for the habitat and environment in which the plant spreads, Europe, especially eastern Italy and the countries of the Mediterranean sea, is considered the original home of it. It is cultivated to benefit from its aromatic oil and its leaves are collected in the spring. Myrtle plant belongs to the family of Mersinia and is known as bass joi, hamblas, ruwiheen, Myrstein, or basil