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Propolis soap with propolis

صابون بروبوزيل بصمغ النحل

Propolis Soap made from natural materials rich in nutritional elements which provide skin with softness and vitality.

Also disinfect skin from microbes and fungi

rejuvenate normal skin collagen and clear it from pimples and dark pigmentations


Olive oil - Sodium hydroxide - Propolis 

Made to get rid of skin and body problems
Helps gently remove pimples from the face and body without drying out the skin.
It removes scales and dead skin from the skin, lightening it and balancing fats.
Helps clean, shrink and cleanse pores.
The soap gently exfoliates and cleans the skin.
Helps to expel and remove blackheads.
Removes waterproof make-up.
Suitable for all skin types and sensitive.
Use for face and body