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Propolis Sounf

Propolis Sounf

Fennel seeds coated with propolis mixed with sugar, water, mint oil and vegetable colors allowed by food control agencies

-         Fennel is rich in nutrients, helps digestion, relieves colic and bowel gases, and is rich in substances similar to ovarian hormones, which soothes menopausal symptoms.

 Propolis ( bee glue) has great benefits for the rest of the body, such as

  • its usefulness as a powerful antioxidant that eliminates harmful oxidative radicals that cause cancer and aging symptoms such as fatigue, pain in the joints, and deficiencies in functions of body organs
  • Activates the body's immune systems and resists all types of microbes and fungi
  • A blood thinner that prevents clots, improves blood lipids and strengthens the heart muscle
  • Rich in important minerals that strengthens the bones and helps get rid of anemia

You can eat half a teaspoon daily to stimulate and raise the body's natural immunity and benefit from the benefits of propolis and fennel together