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Green Bee Propolis Drops

Green propolis (bee glue) is a clear liquid without alcohol dissolved in edible oil at a concentration of 90%.

How to use:

Add drops (5-10) in water or juice (the juice is preferred to improve the taste) and drink.

Please note that the percentage of propolis (bee propolis) in Proposil honey is only about 4%, which is a reasonable percentage to support general health and increase the immunity of the average person.

It is preferred in therapeutic purposes, whether skin or internal diseases, such as stomach or duodenal ulcers, colitis, or otherwise, to obtain quick results, to use it in small doses every three hours for a period of three days.

In case of using concentrated propolis for therapeutic purpose, it is advisable not to continue using it for more than a month, but take a break for a month, then use it again for not more than a month , and so on

But for diluted propolis in the product named propolis honey, it is OK to use it occasionally. Also, it is possible to increase the concentration of propolis in honey by adding a dropper of Propolis to the same package of Propolis honey or other pure natural honey as needed and in accordance with the purpose.

 In all cases it would not harm because it is just a food or a nutritional supplement and not a medicine, then take a spoonful of the mix in the morning and evening.