Shuwaikh 3rd Industrial Area, Kuwait

Al Lovar Honey (Gain Weight)

Louvre honey is a mixture of honey for fattening ... as it is considered one of the most important natural materials and preferred for many people in the treatment of thinness, as it helps to open the appetite and increase weight due to it contains the nutrients necessary for the health of the body, as it includes minerals and vitamins that provide the body with energy and activity And it contributes to maintaining the cleansing of the body from the inside and effective treatment of cold and cold diseases, as well as its effective ability to strengthen the immune system and treat many diseases.

Mujeza's weight gain group includes a selection of products that increase weight while promoting general health and gives physical strength, develops muscles and vitality, increases immunity against diseases and controls blood sugar and pressure.
The weight gain group includes the following products:
ALouvre honey - peanut butter - bee bread - a group of nuts - bee pollens