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Honey with Cinannom & Turmeric

The modern science represents much decorated kind representations, However if any medicine is used with the rightful quantities, it hereby will not harm the diabetes. The (World Weekly News) Canadian Magazine in its Edit. dated January 17, 1995, established the list of the following diseases which could be treated by honey and cinnamon as confirmed by western physicians.

  •  Heart Diseases
Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder. Then spray it on a piece of bread instead of jam or jelly and eat it on breakfast on regular basis. It reduces the fats (cholesterol) in blood vessels, as well as, it protects the patients against the heart attacks. If the patients who were formerly infected by heart attacks, maintained receiving such medicine, they hereby are unlikely get infected with it anymore for long-term basis. Following this system daily on regular basis forbids the occurrence of retention of breath and strengthens the heartbeats. This system ?(diet) is adopted in some hospitals in Canada and the U.S.A. successfully to the residing patients and proved that aging leads the blood vessels and arteries to lose their flexibility that may lead to their blocking out. However, honey and cinnamon return their vitality back.
  • The Nervous System Diseases

The nervous system disease patients can have a cup of hot water mixed with two spoons of honey and little spoon of the cinnamon powder at mornings and evenings. Having that cub regularly even by the patients with chronic nervous system diseases on regular basis; leads to curing them form such diseases. In a new research made in Copenhagen University, it is proved to the physicians who treated their patients by letting them get a spoon of honey and half spoon of cinnamon before having breakfast; that 73 patients of 200 were cured totally within one week, and within month, the majority of patients who were unable to walk or moving due to their being infected by nervous system ; felt no more pains.
  • Cystitis

Have a cup of mix composed of two spoons of the cinnamon powder and a spoon of honey melted in pure water. This drink kills the germs in the bladder.
  • Toothache

Make a paste composed of one spoon of the cinnamon powder and five little spoons of honey. Put it on the painful tooth. Repeat this process three times daily till such pain is removed.
  • Fats (Cholesterol)

It is proved that having two spoons of honey and three spoons of the cinnamon powder mixed with sixteen inches of the tea drink, if a cholesterol infected patient got it, then the cholesterol levels in blood of such patient would be reduced of ten percent during two hours. As it is recommended to the patients of nervous system diseases, if the same quantity is taken three times daily, the chronic cholesterol diseases hereby would be cured off. As quoted from the information quoted from the (World Weekly News Magazine) it is stated that eating the pure honey daily relieves the cholesterol pains. Discontinue having the cholesterol medicine whereas it contains the (Staten substance) which impairs muscles including the heart muscle. As well as, it is proved that it doesn’t forbid infections with the heart diseases or hemiplegia.
  • Fever (Leaking)

Individuals who suffer from the ordinary or strong fevers shall have mixture of one spoon of the pure honey and quarter spoon of the cinnamon powder daily for three days. This process shall release them off the chronic cough and clean the nasal pockets.
  • The Upset Stomach

Having the cinnamon powder and honey relieves the stomach pains and removes the ulcers starting from their sources.
  • Gases

According to the studies conducted in India and Japan, it states that eating honey mixed with the cinnamon powder relieves the stomach of the gases.
  • Immune System

Eating the honey and the cinnamon powder daily strengthen the immune system and protects the body against the viral and bacterial attacks. Scientists found out that the honey contains large quantities of vitamins and minerals. Eating honey on regular basis strengthen the white blood cells which resists the bacterial and viral diseases.
  • Dyspepsia

Spraying the cinnamon powder by two spoons of honey before having the breakfast removes the tartness and helps on digesting the heartiest meals.
  • Long life span

Regarding the longevity , a research found out that the tea drink which is made of honey and the cinnamon powder regularly, controls the damage factors of the longevity. Make the tea drink of four spoons of honey , one spoon of the cinnamon powder, and three cups of water. Drink a quarter cup of such drink three or four times daily. It maintains the skin soft and hinders the aging and extends the longevity even if the age is hundred years, the physical functions are performing as if the age is twenty.
  • Leather Pimples

Make a paste of three spoons of honey and one spoon of the cinnamon powder. Put the paste upon the leather pimples before sleeping and wash it on the next day morning with hot water. Follow this method daily for two weeks. It removes the leather pimps from their roots.
  • Skin Infections (Dermatitis)

Place the paste of honey and the cinnamon powder upon the infected parts. It cures the Eczema, Tinea (contagious skin disease), and all types of the contagious skin diseases.
  • Weight Loss

Get a cup of the boiled water containing honey and the cinnamon powder within half hour before having the breakfast at mornings and before sleeping at night on daily basis. If it is taken regularly, the weight is lost even into the heaviest weighting bodies. Continuing drinking this drink regularly hinders the grouping of fats in body even extra carbohydrates foods are eaten.
  • Cancer

Modern researches conducted in Japan and Austria showed that curing from the stomach cancer and progressive bone cancer were successfully achieved. The patients who suffer from such types of cancers shall have a little tea spoon of honey and the same of the cinnamon powder three times daily for one month.
  • Fatigue

Modern studies showed that the contents of the honey of sugar are the most benefiting components for the body’s vitality than its harm. The elders who eat honey with the cinnamon powder by equal quantities are the most mindful and flexible ones.”Having a half spoon of the honey added to a cup of water containing the cinnamon powder sprayed on it at the morning and at 3:00 P.M when they body’s vitality decreases daily, increases the body’s vitality within one week” Says Dr. Melton – the researcher of this research.
  • Halitosis

The peoples of South America are gargling with the mix of hot water and little spoon of honey and cinnamon powder as the first thing they do in mornings so that their mouths smell good all day.


  • Relief in the pain of cold, cough, flu and sinuses.
  • Improves dyspepsia, colic and strengthens stomach.
  • Helpful in satiety, nausea and flatulence.
  • Maintain the strength and vitality and delay aging.
  • Activates the bowel and the immune system.
  • Reduces the cholesterol in the blood and is useful in neurological diseases.
  • Removes the ulcer of the stomach and strengthens the white blood corpuscles in the blood.
  • Turmeric reduces fat, activates circulation and purifies blood.
  • Helps digestion and fights parasites in the intestine.
  • If using turmeric regularly, the likelihood of colon cancer
  • Turmeric helps to reduce arthritis pains
  • Turmeric acts as a catalyst intestinal tract, and helps the secretion of digestive enzymes which break down carbohydrates and fats
  • Turmeric may help reduce cholesterol levels and fights hardening of the arteries.


Natural Honey, Cinnamon and Turmeric


One tablespoon daily, morning & evening or as desired.