Shuwaikh 3rd Industrial Area, Kuwait

Hashab honey


Hashab honey is produced by bees from the nectar of the flowers of the Hashab tree known as the Robinia pseudoacacia flower, also known as the black locust or the false acacia tree, and it is characterized by its transparent appearance due to its scarcity of exposure to crystallization due to the high proportion of fructose in it compared to glucose in it and it is also characterized by a delicious light taste.


Features and health benefits:

  • Easy to absorb and get into the blood, so it works as a general tonic for the body and a Tonic for muscles
  • Activates and increases the body's immunity.
  • Rich in compounds that are effective as a strong antioxidant against harmful oxidizing radicals and their damages such as cancer
  • It contains a strong anti-microbial compound against microbes that causes sore throat, cold diseases and pyoderma, such as boils and acne.
  • It treats first-degree burns, removes cracks in the skin, and gives the skin freshness and luster. It removes pigmentation
  • It has effective compounds and enzymes that make it an elixir for digestive diseases such as stomach ulcers. Relieves heartburn, hyperacidity, indigestion, and reduces gastrointestinal irritation. Gentle on stomach and kidneys. Laxative for the intestines and treats chronic diseases of the colon
  • Pain killer relieves menstrual pain.