Shuwaikh 3rd Industrial Area, Kuwait

Honey Spoon

Mujeza Al shifa presents New product honey spoons, Wild Flower Honey Spoons, Wild Flower Honey with Strawberry Spoons, Sider Honey Spoons.


Spoons of flower honey:

 smells of a group of flowers whose nectar collected by bees from more than one plant to give wonderful taste and many benefits that match the source of the flower


Spoons of delicious Sidr honey:

 enjoy the scent of Sidr flowers

Benefits of Sidr honey:

Antioxidants, stimulate the liver, pancreas and kidneys, prevent cancer, and are useful for asthma and coughing

It stimulates the immune system, is anti-microbial and nourishes the body with important minerals, especially for anemia

It increases fertility, stimulates sexual vitality and help in labor during childbirth


Strawberry Honey:

It is white in color and smells fresh, and it tastes delicious. Strawberry blossoms are loved by bees and prefer them over others, and it is an excellent honey that contains a high proportion of 41.5% fructose.

The most important benefits of strawberry honey:

Strawberry honey is rich in nutrients, as it is fortified and used to treat anemia

Rich in flavonoids and immune stimulants

Improves mood and combats mental fatigue by giving the body the daily nutritional needs

It provides the body with compounds and vitamins that help in activity at work, easy to absorb and anti-physical fatigue, so it is called athlete's honey.

It gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, so it is useful in the diet to lose excess weight

Rich in antioxidants from red pigments, these colors are known as Anthocyanins and Vitamin C to protect against cancer diseases, especially colon cancer and glandular cancer, and protect cancer patients from the spread of disease in their bodies.