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Pine Honey (Forest Honey)

Pine honey 

Forest honey


What is pine honey?

It is a type of bee honey called honeydew honey, and it is characterized by its taste of being sweet and spicy all together, resinous smell and dark amber color, and it is produced by bees that collect (sugary secretions) from large-scale insect species, which live on the sap of some pine trees, of which several Species such as Turkish pine, as well as Aleppo pine (Pinus halibensis), Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) and Rocky pine.

Properties and features of pine honey:

  •  Honey is unique in its manufacture because it is not produced entirely from honey bees.
  • It is produced in the eastern Mediterranean pine forests.
  • This type does not contain pollen like other honeydew because it is a honeydew and because the bees absorb the nectar from the sugary secretions produced by some types of insects such as aphids.

Benefits of pine honey:

  • It helps treat various skin problems, protects it from skin diseases, and gives it the freshness that it needs.
  • Useful in terms of sexual health, as it helps to get rid of problems affecting the sexual organs of both sexes.
  • It is considered to be a pain reliever, especially for joints.
  • It helps relax and calm spastic nerves.
  • Very useful for protecting against cancer.
  • Helps improve vision and protect the retina.
  • It treats diseases and problems affecting the urinary tract, including stones and sand.

The best ways to check honey at home:

There are several ways to know if honey is natural, beneficial, or unnatural (because it may be natural but not beneficial if it is treated in unhealthy ways such as heating):

The first method:

Look carefully at honey because natural honey contains impurities, whether on the surface or inside the honey package, while the unnatural is very transparent like glass so that it does not obscure the vision from behind the package.

The second method:

by smelling honey, honey has a smell that may be pungent or weak, which is the smell of flowers and fields from which honey was produced by bees, while honey that is not natural or useful has no smell.

The third method:

Taste honey, natural honey has a flavor, which is the flavor of flowers and plants, while unnatural honey is just sweetness, meaning sweet like sugar syrup without any special taste

Fourth method:

Eat honey, if it was natural, then it relaxes your stomach and you do not feel any discomfort in the stomach, but if the honey is not natural, you will feel a burning sensation in the stomach that does not go away except by drinking water several times throughout the day.