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Somar Honey

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Somar Honey

Acacia tortilis honey Scientific name: Acacia tortilis

Sumer tree from the acacia tree or twisted acacia, and sumer thaliha is one of the most famous types of thaliha in the Arabian Peninsula and it abounds in the foothills of the Tuwaiq mountain range, and there is a forest of Sumer Talh among the mountains of Aban. Bees collect pollen and nectar from the Sumer tree like the Sumer Tarabe trees. Research indicates that Omani dark Samar Jabali honey, also known as Abu Twaiq, is considered the best in terms of quality and benefits in Oman and is also found in Kuwait. It is usually light black in color and is available during the summer

Health benefits:

  • Samar honey help in treatments of inflammations such as respiratory infection and stomach ailments such as ulcers.
  • It protects against anemia because it contains iron and is rich in essential minerals
  • It expels toxins from the body and benefits and purifies the kidneys.
  • It strengthens the sexual functions, especially for men
  • It cleans the liver and supports its detoxification function
  • Supports the body’s immunity and combats harmful viruses and bacteria