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Umara Sedar Honey with Royal Jelly (Family Pack)

Yemeni Sider honey enriched with Royal jelly


The properties and advantages of the natural princes honey (Yemeni Sidr honey)

It is one of the most distinguished types of honey in the world for its therapeutic properties and is used to eliminate many diseases because it contains a high percentage of antioxidants compared to other types of honey, because its electrical conductivity is higher, reaching 0.8 units, and this is evidence of the presence of minerals in it significantly, as well as Its pH value is higher than the rest of honey and is close to neutral. Sidr honey is the honey produced from the nectar of the flowers of the Sidr tree.

The health and therapeutic benefits of Sidr honey

  1. Removes stomach hyperacidity
  2. It strengthens memory
  3. Helps fetal growth for pregnant women
  4. To stimulate reproductive system function and it is sexual tonic
  5. Stimulate immunity, good for chest and stomach infections
  6. To strengthen the bones
  7. Rich with nutrients needed for anemia
  8. It strengthens the nerves

Raw Sidr honey is distinguished by being without antibiotic or pesticide residues and has a high enzyme content that is preserved upon treatment. It is a honey that has a distinct flavor, aroma, and innumerable healing properties.

New From Mujeza Honey -


Natural Raw Honey


From the hive to the bottle


Unheated- Unprocessed - Unfiltered



What is royal jelly?

It is the special milk that the queen bee feeds on in the hive and is secreted by the worker bees then feed it directly to the queen. It enhances the queen's ability to lay eggs in huge quantities that may reach 2000 eggs per day, which is equivalent to twice her weight, and as a result of this food the queen gains a long life of up to 4 Years for a lifetime of no more than 4 months for a worker bee. The only difference between the worker bee and the queen bee is eating royal jelly only, so that if the worker bee consumes royal jelly, she will turn into a queen and acquire the ability to lay eggs.

What about the effect of royal jelly on humans?

In bees it affects their special cells that have the ability to secrete certain hormones related to the ability to lay eggs (fertilization hormones), others related to size (the queen is twice as large as the worker) and others related to age (the queen lives ten times more than the worker). These cells that secrete hormones reacts strongly in the presence of royal jelly.

So, we could understand the effect of royal jelly on human body, whereas a bee has nothing but these three hormones to secrete, a man produces many hormones that affect all his activities and interactions, as his waking up with a hormone, his sleep with a hormone, his food with a hormone, his immunity response with a hormone, his happiness with a hormone, his emotions with a hormone, his anger with a hormone and so on.

Royal jelly affects all cells that have a hormone secreting ability through activating them and increasing their effectiveness with a mysterious mechanism and provide them with high energy. Amazingly, these effects last for a relatively long period after stopping the royal jelly administration that the user finds royal jelly made his activity greater, his muscles stronger, his sleep deeper, his immunity stronger, his feelings more beautiful, his memory stronger, his alertness more intense, his pain fainter, his interaction with his community more comprehensive, and in general his health is better, even with simple doses of royal jelly.

Health and therapeutic benefits of royal jelly:

  • Reducing blood cholesterol, as the royal jelly stimulates the production of hormones and since their basic units are the cholesterol ring, so the blood cholesterol is depleted for hormones manufacturing. It should be noted that the administration of chemical drugs that lower cholesterol absorption hinders the effect of royal jelly
  • A treatment for general depression, laziness, disturbances in the human circadian rhythm and sleep disorders.
  • It increases the body’s immunity and resistance to diseases in general, perhaps thanks to what it increases the secretion of internal interferon.
  • Increases vitality and freshness of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and removes old wrinkles by oral administration and topical application.
  •  It prevents and reverses the fibrous transformation mechanism that occurs with age, especially prostatic fibrosis.
  •  A treatment for cases of impaired fertility in men and women alike, as it raises the percentage of free hormones in the blood for both
  • Help cases of osteoporosis and poor absorption of calcium.
  • Relieves symptoms of disorders that usually accompany menopause (such as feeling hot, feeling tired, restless and depressed.
  • Tonic for muscles and the desire to get bigger muscles.
  • It relieves degenerative joint pain (rheumatism) by generally taking it and applying it topically, as it relieves nerve pain such as the pain of a herniated disc and the pain of compression of the nerve root.
  • Reduce symptoms of aging and the accompanying bad mood, constipation, cold feeling and fatigue.
  • Natural management for appetite disorders, whether over weight or anorexia in convalescence cases of various diseases.

In short, the royal jelly is - with a secret of its own - the elixir of youth