Dressing wounds with Sidr honey super

Mujeza Shifa in Kuwait produces Sidr honey super and has been used on diabetic foot ulcers and leishmaniasis patients, in line with international health studies in this regard.

Dressing with Sidr honey super with green propolis and royal jelly helps speed healing of wounds, burns and chronic ulcers

Many scientific studies in medical and pharmacy colleges around the world have proven that the curative properties of Sidr honey, especially when mixed with propolis and royal jelly, help in cleansing and healing wounds, burns and chronic ulcers, the healing of which is often hampered by inflammation, swelling and microbial contamination. That virtue of honey, where the scarce moisture in it makes it dry the swelling in the wound, which hinders healing, and the acidity of honey frees and releases the oxygen present in the capillaries in the wound, which is important for the oxidation and killing of microbes and is important for the processes of regeneration of damaged tissues, as well as the synthesis of collagen that works to converge the edges of the wound and helps close it. They contain growth stimulating factors and antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds found in honey, propolis and royal jelly.

They also participate in activating immune cells that eat damaged tissues that are dissolved by honey enzymes to facilitate wound closure