Bee products for oral and dental health

Mujezat Al Shifa Company in Kuwait products of bee products for oral and dental health
Chewing propolis gum and using propolis spray for the mouth helps moisturize and sterilize the mouth, dissolves phlegm, and soothes a burning throat.

Propolis (propolis) is rich in antimicrobials, especially those responsible for tooth decay, so constantly chewing propolis gum and using propolis spray stops the exacerbation of tooth decay and helps heal gum sores and relieves inflammation and pain as a result of these ulcers or caused by tooth decay and gives a fresh smell to the mouth. It also kills Viruses as soon as they enter the mouth as a result of mixing with patients with influenza and corona. Therefore, it is recommended to use propolis gum for the elderly, users of artificial dentures, and children who tend to increase the consumption of sweets, as they increase the chance of microbes multiplying in their mouth to protect their teeth from decay. It is useful for patients who are treated with anti-cancer drugs that cause ulcers in the mouth

Continuous use of propolis spray for the mouth or chewing propolis gum stimulates the secretion of saliva and when it is mixed with propolis, including its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds, and the compounds it contains that stimulate the growth and renewal of cells and tissues, it soothes the burning of sore throats and pharyngitis, dissolves phlegm, and kills the microbes that cause respiratory infections with viruses or spheroid bacteria. Also, with the ingestion of saliva mixed with propolis, it reaches the stomach, relieves heartburn and inflammation of the stomach and intestines, fights stomach germs, and relieves ulcers, if found in them.