Benefits of propolis tooth paste

Mujezat Al Shifa Company in Kuwait has produced a healthy and safe toothpaste made of 90% natural ingredients such as propolis, menthol oil from mint and bee honey. Its composition differs from commercial toothpaste brands in that it is free of SLS, fluoride, parabens and artificial colors, all of which makes it safe for use for children and patients with chronic diseases, especially diabetes.

It is a healthy and cosmetic toothpaste that gives you white teeth and gradually rids you of accumulated pigmentation and gives you fresh breath and a pleasant smell in the mouth throughout the day

As regard to its great health benefits, as it cleanses the mouth, heals ulcers and gum infections, fights tooth decay, relieves toothache, gum sensitivity and anti-plaque, all thanks to the propolis with antimicrobial compounds, anti-inflammatory materials and compounds that stimulate wound healing.

As well as peppermint oil has an analgesic and sedative effect and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity.

The natural honey in it gives a pleasant taste in the mouth in addition to its antiseptic and soothing effect