Bee Cream – for Hemorrhoids and fissures by bee product 15gm

KWD2.500 KWD5.000

Bee Cream:
Cream made of 100% natural materials, including olive oil, beeswax and propolis (bee glue)

The main component is 75% of the luxurious Palestinian extra virgin olive oil that is easily absorbed through the skin, so it moisturizes and nourishes it with trace minerals and vitamins that enlighten the skin and get rid of wrinkles, and it is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which conserves the skin collagen from breakage and dehydration from environmental factors and even stimulates the secretion of natural collagen, which clears up the skin of wrinkles and scars. It also prevents the formation of melanin pigments in the skin, which helps to lighten the skin and give it a luminous appearance. Olive oil also contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, which protects the skin from pimples, acne and infections.

Propolis has been added to the product for being a powerful antioxidant that prevents the breakdown of skin collagen, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and preventing skin pigmentation. It also contains antimicrobial agents, so it purifies the skin from pimples and acne.

Beeswax was added to the product to obtain a creamy, light texture that is not oily bothersome, to facilitate distribution on the surface of the skin, preventing moisture from seeping from the skin, which preserves the skin’s softness and smoothness and helps giving the skin the appearance of fullness, which hides light wrinkles. Besides beeswax contains antioxidants and anti microbial compounds, which gives the skin a clear luminous look free from Seborrheic granules and pimples.