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This type of honey produced from the nectar of citrus flowers rich in nutrients such as vitamin C – “A” – “B”, vegetable acids such as citric acid and apple acid, mineral salts such as potassium calcium, iron and phosphorous, as well as carotene, antioxidants, fructose and proteins.
Health benefits of citrus honey:

  • Anti-fatigue, both physical and mental. facilitates digestion, so it is called athletes honey, as it enters the blood quickly and provides them energy.
  • Helps relieve liver, gastrointestinal ulcers and acidity. It prevents constipation and colic
  • It is a general tonic, an immune stimulant, and useful for treating anemia.
  • Useful in calming nerves, treating depression, migraine headaches, insomnia, and preventing Alzheimer’s
  • Protects from influenza ,colds, asthma, chest allergies and coughing.
  • Soothes the symptoms of dysmenorrhea in women.
    Relieves joint pain and contributes to the treatment of rheumatic diseases
  • Useful for treating wounds and burns and used as a mask for wrinkles and pimples.
  • It protects against cardiovascular diseases reduces cholesterol and harmful fats so prevents atherosclerosis, controlling blood pressure, strengthening the heart muscle.
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, so it resists scurvy and bleeding gums
  • Citrus honey is an antioxidant and protects against cancer

Health and therapeutic benefits of citrus honey

This type of honey acquires all the health and therapeutic advantages and benefits known from various citrus fruits, rich in many beneficial elements for human health that protect it from diseases such as vitamin C – A – B and plant acids such as citric acid and apple acid, And elements and mineral salts such as potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorous, as well as carotene, antioxidants, fructose and proteins.

Through citrus honey, all these wonderful elements are added to the nutritional value

What are the most important health benefits of citrus honey?

-General tonic and immune stimulant, useful for treating anemia.

-Anti-fatigue for physical and mental activity

– Facilitates the digestive process and treat constipation

– It improves absorption, so it is called honey for athletes, which helps their muscles speed up recovery from hard exertion because it contains riboflavin.

-Useful in cases of infections of the larynx, bronchi, trachea

-It is useful in widening the arteries and prevents hardening of the arteries., controlling blood pressure, heart palpitations and treating Alzheimer’s cases.

-Useful for treating insomnia and relax muscle cramps

-Helpful in calming anxiety, treating depression and migraines.

-It works to maintain the balance of food metabolism in the body

-Resistant to influenza and colds because it contains antimicrobial compounds.

-Useful for treating asthma, chest allergies and dysmenorrhea in women.

-Relieving liver pain, calming the nerves, treating gastrointestinal ulcers, eliminating its pain, and regulating the secretion of juice and acidity in the stomach.

-Contributes to the treatment of rheumatic diseases, reduces cholesterol in the blood, and strengthens the heart muscle.

-It relieves joint pain and is useful for treating wounds and burns. It is used as a mask to renew skin cells, soften it and protect it from wrinkles and pimples.

-It reduces the percentage of fats in the blood and resists deposition on the arteries, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases

-It strengthens blood vessel walls, so it fights scurvy and gum bleeding, stimulates blood circulation, and lowers pressure.

-Citrus honey is an antioxidant and cancer protector because it contains flavonoides.

-Citrus honey is characterized by containing large amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which protects the cell walls and the genetic material in them from harmful oxidative processes, due to the nature of the acid that qualifies it to act as an antioxidant.

-It is also believed that vitamin “C” has a role in preventing cancer through its ability to bind and reduce nitrites and thus reduce the chance of nitrous amines forming carcinogens. Also, citrus fruits contain coumarin and limonene, which work to activate glutathione transferase enzymes that destroy carcinogenic compounds.

Why it is called Honey for children

An exclusive and light diet for your child’s stomach.
Helpful for children’s growth and strengthening of the old aged bones and body, as well as for getting rid of flatus and useful for acidity, constipation, protection from contagious disease, cough reliving, phlegm repulsion and helps the children to sleep calmly.


  • Useful for the growth of children
  • Strengthens bones due to calcium content
  • strenghthens blood due to iron content
  • Strengthens build at teething
  • Expulsion of gases – acidity – constipation and ease digestion
  • Protection against infections and strengthens immunity
  • Cough suppressant – anti phlegm repellent
  • Helps children sleep comfortably
  • reduce nocturnal enuresis


One tea spoon dissolved in half a glass of lukewarm water or milk one hour before every meal, or in any way child likes, whether taking it by itself or with bread at breakfast.


The size(s) are available in 250 g, 500 g.

Analysis Report

General Information

Company Name Mujezat Al-Shifa Date Received 01/9/2021
Product Name Natural Citrus Honey Date Report 09/9/2021
Weight 250g Methodology HPLC(UV-IR ), UV Spectrophotometer
Pure citrus honey 100%




1-Physical Tests

 No Parameters Observation CODEX STAN 12-19811 Remarks
1 Physical Properties -Not have any foreign taste rather its natural sweetness.


-Honey chunks not contain bee’s eggs or larvae.

-Not contain any artificial sweetener.


-Not be altered due to over heating or fermentation.

– Free from impurities.

-free from food additives.

-Acidity not artificially change

-Shall not have any other foreign taste rather its natural taste.

– Honey chunks not contain


-Shall not contain any artificial sweetener bee’s eggs or larvae.

-Shall  not be altered due to over heating or fermentation

– Free from impurities.

-free from food additives.

-Acidity not artificially change

2 Color Designation Light Amber O.D at 560nm=  0.421mAU
3 PH-Value 4.0 Acceptable
4 Electrical Conductivity 0.380mScm-1 Less than 0.8mScm-1 Acceptable
5 Specific Rotation 1 Polarized light to left Polarized light to left Acceptable








2Chemical Tests

No Parameter Observation CODEX STAN 12-19811 Test Method



1 Hydoxy Methyl Furfural


14.5mg/kg Not more than 80 mg/kg

AS GSO 147(2007)

AOAC 980.23


2 Moisture(water)% 17.5% Not more than 20% MAFF Validated



3 Fructose%


36.1% HPLC     R.I
4 Glucose%


27.8% HPLC   R.I
5 Sucrose%


2.5% Not more than 5% HPLC   R.I Acceptable
6 Maltose%


2.1% HPLC   RI
7 Invert sugar% More than 60.0% More than 60% HPLC  R.I Acceptable
8 Ash% 0.09% Not more than 0.3% HPLC  R.I Acceptable
9 DN NO:


16 Not  less than 8 AOAC 958.09 RT Acceptable
10 Water activity 1

Water activity 2

Water activity 3

Water activity 4

Water activity 5






Not more than 0.1g/100g MAFF Validated





11 Antibiotic






Should be absent Randox test-











1 Yeast and mold 0 Std-103 Acceptable 0.000422 Campden 6.1:1994

Analyst -Mrs. Dhanuja chittil                                                             Approved by – Lab Manager:  Mr. Yaser Megahed




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