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Honey Vinegar – Honeygar


Heniger is a mixture of apple cider vinegar, sidr honey and floral honey, a natural antiseptic for the body.
Today’s lifestyles lead us to consume foods that contain excessive animal fats and proteins for long periods. These saturated fats, which constantly clog our body systems and excrete excess toxins that are harmful to the human body. On a quantitative basis, our body is increasingly becoming encircled and unable to detoxify. Unlike commercially available vinegar, honey vinegar is derived from the natural fermentation process that brings us the pure honey taste and aroma. Pure honey vinegar is rich in enzymes and the ingredients are an acidic drink that achieves BH balance in our bodies.
-Helps lose weight
-Helps stimulate digestion
– Reduces bad cholesterol in the body
– Stimulates the body’s blood circulation

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