MUJEZA ISPAGHOL & OAT BISCUITS with Black Seed (9 pieces* 20g)180g


Oat biscuits with ispagol and black seed

  • intesinal tonic and sweetened with sidr honey
  • the perfect mind in healthy body



Oats biscuits with black cumin seeds (Habat Al Baraka)
Benefits of oats :
1- It stimulates energy production processes in the body because it is rich in vitamin B and dietary fiber from complex carbohydrates, which helps to regularize blood sugar levels and increase the feeling of satiety for a long time, which prevents obesity.
2- It protects against type 2 diabetes, as it has a low glycemic index (the index of raising blood sugar by a certain food), because stomach empties it so slowly that reduces blood sugar and improves the response of the body’s cells to insulin.
3- Reduces blood cholesterol because it is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals important for regulating heart function and coronary artery health.
4- It protects against childhood asthma.
5- Rich in essential nutrients such as:
Complex carbohydrates that prevent constipation and improve kidney function for patients with kidney failure – special plant proteins that reduce depression – unsaturated fats – magnesium that protects against high blood pressure – zinc, which gives immunity against influenza and coughing – iron for blood strength – phosphorus and calcium for bone and joint health – many Vitamins

Biscuits baked with (Habat Al Baraka) black cumin seeds
For its Benefits
• For chest and coughing troubles
• Strengthens the heart
• Purifies the blood
• Stimulates the liver
• useful for nausea, and purifies the urinary tract
• Acts as diuretic
• Very useful for cases of congested bladder
• Fragments renal stones
• Rich in antioxidants that fight degenerative diseases, cardiopathy, hypertension and diabetes.

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