Sidr Honey with Royal jelly 600 gram


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In stock (can be backordered)

Sidr honey benefits:

  • Rich in antioxidants, activates the liver, pancreas and kidneys, protects against cancer, and is useful for asthma and cough
  • Activates the immune system and anti-microbial and nourishes the body with important minerals, especially for anemia
  • Increases fertility, activates sexual vitality, and strengthens labor during childbirth

Royal jelly benefits:

  • Regulating blood sugar and gland functions, for cardiovascular health, improving fertility and relieving menopausal symptoms, strengthening memory, relieving depression, combating signs of skin aging, strengthening the immune system, rich in nutrients and treating anemia


Luxury natural honey extracted by bees from the jujube nectar (jujube plant) derived from the acanthoid subfamily that grows in arid mountains in the Arabic island and the surrounding areas. This honey is known by its high nutritional characteristics and it is requested by the citizens of these regions because of its multiple particularities and they used to offer it in the ancient time as gifts for kings and leaders as a sign of love and respect. In this product we added royal jelly.


  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Increases physical and mental activity
  • Fights fatigue.
  • The perfect nutrient during convalescence and a potency agent.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Works on stimulating glands
  • Prevents modern day ailments especially diabetes
  • Reduces coughing
  • Useful for infertility as it increases fertility in both men and women
  • Very helpful for liver and prostate diseases


Take one tablespoon of honey dissolved in half a glass of lukewarm water. This helps your body absorb all its beneficial properties. Give half a tablespoon to children three times daily, one hour before meals. And to keep you healthy, Mujeza Honey can be consumed as desired.





From the hive to the bottle

Unheated- Unprocessed – Unfiltered


Sidr honey is produced by bees who only feed on the nectar of Sidr trees, one of the oldest trees that mentioned in the Holiy Quran. Sider honey is considered one of the finest honey and it’s been known for healing benefits since ancient time. The herbalists preferred it for curing diseases and promoting health because it gives better results comparing with other types of honey. Sidr honey has many variants, each has different features and specifications, all of which captured the attention of researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who have conducted several experiments on samples of honey from all over the world (available in Saudi market). They found that Sidr honey contains a high proportion of minerals.

Sidr honey is characterized by golden light color, it darkens and tends to redness over time. While fresh and newly produced, it reminds you the same aromatic smell of Sidr tree in the month of October, the season when Sidr tree is flowering. Sidr honey is different from one region to another, so the taste, color, aroma and density. All variants share the exquisite taste, splendid aroma and all of them are very expensive. In Saudi Arabia, Sidr trees are found in areas close to Yemen, where the Kingdom of Seba used to be”the home of Sidr which is mentioned in the Holy Quran verse 16 of Sura Saba, “and something of few Sidr”. Each valley of Yemen has story to tell about Sidr.

Among the most famous areas in Yemen for producing Sidr honey are Doan in Hadramout, Gardan, Bayhan in Shabwa. In all these areas honey bees feed themselves exclusively on the nectar from the Sidr trees. Like other types of honey, Sidr honey needs good care through all stages starting from production to packaging, testing of samples and storage. Honey is very sensitive and it change at the lowest degree of temperature, any mistake while processing might turns it into harmful material instead of being healthy.

Some researches took place in Egypt had shown higher percentage of antioxidants in Sidr honey comparing with other types of honey. Sidr trees in Egypt are in Sina and other areas, and when our General Manager visited the Valley of Tur Mountain in Sina, he received Sidr honey as a gift from beekeepers there.

According to tests carried out by the laboratory technician Zabihullah Ahmed Reda at (Mujeza Al Shifa in Kuwait – quality control department) Sidr honey doesn’t change when exposed to heat, whether low, medium or high and even at the temperature of 80 C degree, except that little thing, which is negligible in terms of both sugars diverse it contains or enzymes that change rate in other types of honey very quickly even when exposed to low temperatures, as well as the HMF (an indicator of the adulteration of honey with invert syrups -syrups of glucose and fructose), did not rise in Sidr honey except for two degrees or three degrees, while it rose in the other types of honey and reached up to 30 and even 50 degrees (in ppm) at temperature of 70-80 degree C within half an hour. Also a sample of an old Sidr honey stored in sealed glass for 10 years is examined in the same laboratory, it shows no changes in the chemical composition, quality specifications and the percentage of HMF didn’t increase.

When the director of the company and founder asked the Director and Technician of the laboratory of quality in Kuwait about his experiences and observations over the past years about the types of honey entering the country, he told us that he found this type (means Sidr honey) is the finest honey and completely comply with the required standards and specifications. Several laboratory examinations were done on Sidr honey at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (a governmental research foundation with high potential and high-tech devices) it has confirmed the quality of Sidr honey.

In a recent study by researcher Dr. Aman Ahmed Mohammed Zubair from the University of “UCSI” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia supervised by Dr. Patrick Oukichacoa, demonstrated the effectiveness of Sidr honey in treating inflammation, reducing excessive fever and stabilize activity of the body’s cells and protect against injury and relieve pain. The study, conducted on (rats) showed that, the pharmacological effect of Sidr honey is higher than aspirin and indomethacin (an antibiotics and pain relievers).

Researches are still underway to determine the pharmacological mechanical of Sidr honey and its effectiveness for treating other diseases, The study is the first scientific document published internationally. The study was published in the magazine (World Academy of Medical Sciences, Engineering and Technology) and high court . Also the research was discussed in a conference held in France – Paris Augustus 2011, and Britain – London Dec, 2011. It worth mentioning that the researcher was a girl student from Yemen studying Medical genetics and biotechnology in Malaysia. She’s a member of the American Society for Pharmacology and therapeutics, and a member of the British pharmaceuticals society.

Despite these obvious facts, Sidr trees is still surrounded with a lot of ambiguity in the Arab culture, it says that Sidr honey is been used in magic and sorcery along with others treatment uses. Hundreds years ago, Sidr honey was given as a gift to kings, princes to express appreciation and loyalty. In other cultures, we found that old Indian used Sidr honey to solve eyes’ problems and clear vision. In Western culture, Sidr trees is sacred among Christians.

Arabs Beekeepers Association during its sixth International Conference has revealed a research conducted at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Aden in order to study the effect of four types of honey from Yemen (Sidr, somor, qasas, and range on dressing the gluteal and breast abscesses.

The results showed that there was significant difference (P>0.01) between the honey sorts on dressing period of gluteal abscesses. The period was shorter (8 days) when treated with sidr honey, while the longer period (13.25 days) was found in treatment of range honey. The dressing period was 9.75, 10.5 days in somor and qasas treatments respectively. There was no significant difference between the dressing period of breast abscesses when using honey sorts, sidr, somor and qasas. The using period was 8.33, 9.33, 11.0 days respectively.

Also Arabs Beekeepers Association during its sixth International Conference has revealed experiments conducted in the laboratory by the Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture – University of Sana’a to evaluate the influence of six Yemeni honeys (Sallam, Sidr Wessabi, Sidr Dwani, Flowers, Dwani pasture and Somor) another commercial honey, with five concentration (0.5%, 1%, 5%, 10% and 20%) against pathogenic bacteria, Salmonella Escherichia coli Staphylococcus aureus Pseudomonas aurogenosa !Proteus. Our results indicated that the honeys for good effects against pathogenic bacteria were Sallam, Flowers and Dwani pasture, followed by Sidr Wessabi and the third honeys group were Sidr Dwani and Soomur. However, no antibacterial activity was seen for commercial honey. The best concentration for good antibacterial activity was 20% followed by 10%. It is clear from our data that Dwani pasture honey exhibit good activities against growth of E.coli and Pseudomonas aurogenosa at all concentration, also, minimal inhibition was appeared against Staphylococcus aureus at 5, 10 and 20% for its. However, Sidr Dwani honey was appeared highly effects against all pathogenic bacteria under study with highly significant at 20% followed by Sallam honey at the same concentration.

No antibacterial activity was seen at honey concentration 0.5, 1 and 5% for the majority honeys. Key words: honey, antibacterial, pathogenic bacteria and Yemen.

What is royal jelly?

It is the special milk that the queen bee feeds on in the hive and is secreted by the worker bees then feed it directly to the queen. It enhances the queen’s ability to lay eggs in huge quantities that may reach 2000 eggs per day, which is equivalent to twice her weight, and as a result of this food the queen gains a long life of up to 4 Years for a lifetime of no more than 4 months for a worker bee. The only difference between the worker bee and the queen bee is eating royal jelly only, so that if the worker bee consumes royal jelly, she will turn into a queen and acquire the ability to lay eggs.

queen larvae feed on royal jelly in nurseries

What about the effect of royal jelly on humans?

In bees it affects their special cells that have the ability to secrete certain hormones related to the ability to lay eggs (fertilization hormones), others related to size (the queen is twice as large as the worker) and others related to age (the queen lives ten times more than the worker). These cells that secrete  hormones reacts strongly in the presence of royal jelly.

So, we could understand the effect of royal jelly on human body, whereas a bee has nothing but these three hormones to secrete, a man produces many hormones that affect all his activities and interactions, as his waking up with a hormone, his sleep with a hormone, his food with a hormone, his immunity response with a hormone, his happiness with a hormone, his emotions with a hormone, his anger with a hormone and so on.

Royal jelly affects all cells that have a hormone secreting ability through activating them and increasing their effectiveness with a mysterious mechanism and provide them with high energy. Amazingly, these effects last for a relatively long period after stopping the royal jelly administration that the user finds royal jelly made his activity greater, his muscles stronger, his sleep deeper, his immunity stronger, his feelings more beautiful, his memory stronger, his alertness more intense, his pain fainter, his interaction with his community more comprehensive, and in general his health is better, even with simple doses of royal jelly.

Health and therapeutic benefits of royal jelly:

–      Reducing blood cholesterol, as the royal jelly stimulates the production of hormones and since their basic units are the cholesterol ring, so the blood cholesterol is depleted for hormones manufacturing. It should be noted that the administration of chemical drugs that lower cholesterol absorption hinders the effect of royal jelly

–      A treatment for general depression, laziness, disturbances in the human circadian rhythm and sleep disorders.

–      It increases the body’s immunity and resistance to diseases in general, perhaps thanks to what it increases the secretion of internal interferon.

–      Increases vitality and freshness of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and removes old wrinkles by oral administration and topical application.

–       It prevents and reverses the fibrous transformation mechanism that occurs with age, especially prostatic fibrosis.

–       A treatment for cases of impaired fertility in men and women alike, as it raises the percentage of free hormones in the blood for both

–      Cessation of osteoporosis and week bone absorption of calcium.

–      Relieves disorders of menopausal syndrome (such as feeling hot, feeling tired, restless and depressed.

–      Tonic for muscles and helps to get bigger muscles.

–      It relieves degenerative joint pain (rheumatism) by generally taking it and applying it topically, as it relieves nerve pain resulting from inflammation and a herniated cartilaginous disc and pain of compression of the nerve root.

–       Resists  symptoms of aging and the accompanying bad mood, constipation, cold feeling and fatigue.

–      Corrector for appetite disorders, whether excess weight or obesity and help during convalescence periods of various diseases.

In short, the royal jelly is – with a secret of its own – the elixir of youth


What are the effects of royal jelly?

The effect of royal jelly varies a lot from one person to another because it originally restores the required balance of the body, for while it may cause intense activity in some, it may cause sleep and drowsiness in others, and it may open the appetite for some, but it may cause appetite suppression and stomach cramps in others. Its effect may appear quickly for some people within an hour but delayed for several days for others especially the elders. Therefore we advise everyone to pay attention when taking it for its special effects on him and to determine his suitable dose.

Some disturbing effects that have appeared in some:

–      Feeling dizziness, especially in some women at age of reproductive activity due to occasional vasodilatation, stomach cramping and a feeling of nausea, especially in smokers.

–      stomach pain For those with sensitive stomachs, and everyone who finds any inconvenience in royal jelly is advised to take it after food because it reduces the speed of its effect, especially for those with stomach pains

Are there special effects of royal jelly that appear with long use?

After prolonged use of royal jelly – more than six months – the following should be noted:

–      The need for a group of vitamin B, especially B6, increases because of the high rate of hormone synthesis in the body because the vitamin B group is essential in the metabolism of hormones in the body and the lack of vitamin B leads to a feeling of fatigue, lethargy and weakness, and fortunately eating pollen, which is a natural source rich in this vitamin improves these symptoms

–      The hemoglobin rate increases gradually in the body to its maximum limits, and this rise gives a feeling of strength and activity permanently, but it may increase the possibility of coagulation in men, especially smokers, if the hemoglobin rate rises above 17 g / dl. Therefore, it is preferable to accompany the royal food with simple blood thinner- such as aspirin – Or eat bee propolis, which is an excellent blood thinner available at Mujeza by the name of Proposil 3 Honey

–      The rate of prostate-specific antigens in the blood rises slightly without carrying any pathological indication

Note: All bee products may cause an allergic reaction in some people with a predisposition to allergic reactions, and in case such symptoms appear, it is sufficient to stop the use of this substance


It should not be given to children under the age of puberty on a continuous basis, as it accelerates them into adulthood.


Analysis of the fresh royal jelly of Mujeza honey when added to honey
Actual Testing Results Standard Quality Specification
10 HDA (%) 4.32 1.4 MIN
Protein (%) 37.9 31 MIN – 41 MAX
Moisture (%) 1.56 7.0 MAX
Acid value (NaOH ml/100g) 113 96 MIN – 159 MAX
E.coli (piece/g) Negative Negative
Mould (piece/g) 9/g 6000/G Max
Pathogenic Bacterial Negative Negative
Chloramphenicol < 0.3 ppb Coliforms
Nitrofurans < 1.0 ppb salmonella
Nitromidazoles 10 ppb pseudomonas
Strptomycin 10 ppb Packing




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