Spoons Sidr Honey With Royal Jelly and Ginkgo (16spoons*10g)160gm



Sidr honey benefits:

  • Rich in antioxidants, activates the liver, pancreas and kidneys, protects against cancer, and is useful for asthma and cough
  • Activates the immune system and anti-microbial and nourishes the body with important minerals, especially for anemia
  • Increases fertility, activates sexual vitality, and strengthens labor during childbirth.
  • Ginkgo biloba is a mental and sexual tonic, an antioxidant and treats erectile dysfunction

Royal jelly benefits:

  • Regulating blood sugar and gland functions, for cardiovascular health, improving fertility and relieving menopausal symptoms, strengthening memory, relieving depression, combating signs of skin aging, strengthening the immune system, rich in nutrients and treating anemia

Honey spoons of Sider Honey with royal jelly and ginkgo


Luxury natural honey extracted by bees from the jujube nectar (jujube plant) derived from the acanthoid subfamily that grows in arid mountains in the Arabic island and the surrounding areas. This honey is known by its high nutritional characteristics and it is requested by the citizens of these regions because of its multiple particularities and they used to offer it in the ancient time as gifts for kings and leaders as a sign of love and respect. In this product we added royal jelly.


  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Increases physical and mental activity
  • Fights fatigue.
  • The perfect nutrient during convalescence and a potency agent.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Works on stimulating glands
  • Prevents modern day ailments especially diabetes
  • Reduces coughing
  • Useful for infertility as it increases fertility in both men and women
  • Very helpful for liver and prostate diseases

What is royal jelly?

It is the special milk that the queen bee feeds on in the hive and is secreted by the worker bees then feed it directly to the queen. It enhances the queen’s ability to lay eggs in huge quantities that may reach 2000 eggs per day, which is equivalent to twice her weight, and as a result of this food the queen gains a long life of up to 4 Years for a lifetime of no more than 4 months for a worker bee. The only difference between the worker bee and the queen bee is eating royal jelly only, so that if the worker bee consumes royal jelly, she will turn into a queen and acquire the ability to lay eggs.

Health and therapeutic benefits of royal jelly:

–      Reducing blood cholesterol, as the royal jelly stimulates the production of hormones and since their basic units are the cholesterol ring, so the blood cholesterol is depleted for hormones manufacturing. It should be noted that the administration of chemical drugs that lower cholesterol absorption hinders the effect of royal jelly

–      A treatment for general depression, laziness, disturbances in the human circadian rhythm and sleep disorders.

–      It increases the body’s immunity and resistance to diseases in general, perhaps thanks to what it increases the secretion of internal interferon.

–      Increases vitality and freshness of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and removes old wrinkles by oral administration and topical application.

–       It prevents and reverses the fibrous transformation mechanism that occurs with age, especially prostatic fibrosis.

–       A treatment for cases of impaired fertility in men and women alike, as it raises the percentage of free hormones in the blood for both

–      Cessation of osteoporosis and week bone absorption of calcium.

–      Relieves disorders of menopausal syndrome (such as feeling hot, feeling tired, restless and depressed.

–      Tonic for muscles and helps to get bigger muscles.

–      It relieves degenerative joint pain (rheumatism) by generally taking it and applying it topically, as it relieves nerve pain resulting from inflammation and a herniated cartilaginous disc and pain of compression of the nerve root.

–       Resists  symptoms of aging and the accompanying bad mood, constipation, cold feeling and fatigue.

–      Corrector for appetite disorders, whether excess weight or obesity and help during convalescence periods of various diseases.

In short, the royal jelly is – with a secret of its own – the elixir of youth

Ginkgo biloba extract & powder


  1. Improving mental health by strengthening memory, which is useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, improving the performance of daily tasks and social behavior, and alleviating anxiety and depression
  2. Beneficial for the eye Contains antioxidants that improve blood flow, reducing the deterioration of the health of the retina and protecting against high eye pressure
  3. Treatment of blood flow problems such as: thrombophlebitis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and peripheral arterial disease.
  4. Other benefits

Possible ginkgo biloba benefits include:
• Treatment of high blood pressure.
• Treatment of insulin resistance.
• Treatment of erectile dysfunction.
• Tinnitus treatment.
• Treatment of multiple sclerosis.


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