Specialized types of Propolis shampoo

Specialized types of Propolis shampoo

Mijeza Al Shifaa Company in Kuwait producing several types of propolis shampoo in terms of maximum benefits for its dearest clients :

Natural propolis shampoo with propolis extract

Ingredients :

Propolis (active ingredient 8%)

Raw Honey, Sodium Lauryl  Sulfate, Levinol BH, Desolphene AN, Lauryl Hydroxy Solitan, Citric Acid as a buffer, Natural Fragrance, Deionized Water.

Its benefits for hair care and a smooth, lustrous appearance

Propolis shampoo is pH-neutral, making it safe for hair for adults and children.

The active ingredients in it are made of natural substances.

– Its components of natural honey extract and propolis extract (bee gum) give it anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that protects the scalp from infections and dandruff and stimulates the cells in hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth and prevents its loss.

– A nourishing shampoo that contains various essential nutrients, so that it nourishes your hair with vitamins, minerals and proteins, so that it strengthens the hair, stops its breakage, softens and smooths its texture.

It contains natural ingredients rich in antioxidants that protect hair follicles from damage.

propolis shampoo either alone or mixed with other healthy ingredients like:

propolis shampoo with argan oil for normal to dry hair

propolis shampoo with coconut oil for very dry hair

propolis shampoo with honey milk for brittle falling hair

propolis shampoo with lemons for greasy hair

How to use

Rub the shampoo on your damped hair and head , leave it for 3 minutes, then rinse it off with water.