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Black Forest Honey 3kg


Black Forest honey: It is honey collected by bees from the honeydew secreted by some insects that suck plant sap in forests where flowers and their nectar are scarce.

Dew honey is similar in composition to honey, except that it contains a greater percentage of ash, as well as the amount of nitrogen in amino acids.

It is characterized by its high content of complex sugars, pH value, minerals and mineral salts, especially potassium, so it has a high value for electrical conductivity.

Dew honey in general has higher levels of polyphenol antioxidants compared to floral honey

It has a high level of glucose oxidase activity as an antibacterial like manuka honey

Pollen-free, so it is suitable for those who suffer from pollen allergies, such as asthma patients.

Therefore, it is very useful for general health and is used in treatments, especially to support minerals in the human body, such as iron deficiency

BLACK FOREST HONEY (100% Natural & Pure Honeydew)
  • It is a special type of honey which is prevailed in some countries such as Germany. The scientific name of this honey is (Honeydew) which is distinguished by its dark color and lacking of monosaccharides.
  • The Honeydew honey is a honey in which its main source is the honeydew in which the bees collect the honeydews and secreting their own enzymes on them then storing them in the combs till it is staffed.
  • Meanwhile the floral honey is a honey collected by the bees from the nectar of flowers basically, the honeydew honey is collected by bees mainly from the honeydews secreted by some insects sucking the plant sap in jungles whereas the flowers and saps are full with dew.
  • Honeydew or black forest honey has a higher electrical conductivity than the other types of honeys, and this is due to its high content of minerals. According to international standards, the electrical conductivity is higher than 0.8 mm / cm, sometimes higher than 1 mm / cm. This honey does not usually crystallize due to its low glucose contents


  • The honeydew honey is similar to the composition of the ordinary honey except it contains high percentage of ash, high percentage of nitrogen in its amino acids.
  • It is also distinguished with high percentages of complex sugars, minerals and mineral salts, especially potassium and high PH value.
  • In general, the honeydew contains high levels as antioxidant compared to the flowers honey. It might be because it contains polyphenolics which plays significant role as antioxidant. So, it protects the body from inflammatory, degenerative diseases and stimulate immune systems.
  • The honeydew honey contains high level of   glucose oxidase activity that enriches it as high antioxidant and other significant roles as antibacterial honey called (Manuka). So, it protects the body from infections.
  • Since honeydew honey is not made from flowers nectars So, it is free of pollens, it is hereby suitable for those plants pollen-allergic patients. It is also suitable for the asthma patients. Whereas the honeydew is enriched with the aforementioned features, it is hereby very useful for the general health in which it is used in the special treatments for supporting the human body with minerals and treating anemia.


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