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Nigella Seed Honey is a natural honey produced by bees from the nectar of Nigella Seed, Not mixed with its powder. It contains all the good qualities & benefits of black cumin.

Benefits of black seed honey:

  • For chest and coughing troubles
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Purifies the blood
  • Stimulates the liver
  • useful for nausea, and purifies the urinary tract
  • Acts as diuretic
  • Very useful for cases of congested bladder
  • Fragments renal stones

It is mixed with propolis and royal jelly to maximize its benefits

Benefits of Propolis (Propolis):

  • A strong antioxidant that protects the body from diseases, strengthens the immune system, antimicrobials and tumors
  • Helps speed healing of wounds and burns.
  • Anti-inflammatory, reduces the formation of blood clots

Royal jelly benefits:

Regulating blood sugar and gland functions, for cardiovascular health, improving fertility and relieving menopausal symptoms, strengthening memory, relieving depression, combating signs of skin aging, strengthening the immune system, rich in nutrients and treating anemia



Nigella Seed Honey is a natural honey in which the scent and flavor of Nigella Seed can be clearly detected. It is produced by bees from the nectar of Nigella Seed, Not mixed with its powder. This honey has all the properties of this wonder plant long known for its benefits. Pure Natural Honey extracted by bees from black cumin flower. Free from black cumin powder. It contains all the good qualities & benefits of black cumin.


  • For chest and coughing troubles
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Purifies the blood
  • Stimulates the liver
  • useful for nausea, and purifies the urinary tract
  • Acts as diuretic
  • Very useful for cases of congested bladder
  • Fragments renal stones


The current trends are increasingly directed towards using the natural products for enhancing the public health and treating some diseases.  Royal Jelly and  (Propolis) – which is called Akbar or bees glue in Arabic- are deemed the best products adopted in  alternative medicine in recent days. The significance of  Royal Jelly is not just limited to its  content that having the most valuable nutritional value than  mammals’ milk , but also it is distinguished with its special combinations which makes it stable in the body and pass by the blood with no need for digestion processes. In addition to that, it contains much sugars, proteins, cholesterol , mineral elements, vitamins, enzymes, fundamental nutritional  elements and  antioxidants that work on renewal of  youth age, delaying aging, and boosting the immune system for children above one year of age  that makes it ideal for  elders, younger people, patients, healthy people, and athletes.


Royal jelly:

Secreted by worker bees and then fed directly to the queen and as a result of its unique effect, the queen gains the ability to lay eggs in huge quantities, as well as acquire a lifespan of up to 4 years compared to several weeks for the age of the worker bee.


  • Reducing blood cholesterol, as the royal jelly stimulates the production of hormones and since their basic units are the cholesterol ring, so the blood cholesterol is depleted for hormones manufacturing. It should be noted that the administration of chemical drugs that lower cholesterol absorption hinders the effect of royal jelly
  • A treatment for general depression, laziness, disturbances in the human circadian rhythm and sleep disorders.
  • It increases the body’s immunity and resistance to diseases in general, perhaps thanks to what it increases the secretion of internal interferon.
  • Increases vitality and freshness of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and removes old wrinkles by oral administration and topical application.
  • It prevents and reverses the fibrous transformation mechanism that occurs with age, especially prostatic fibrosis.
  • A treatment for cases of impaired fertility in men and women alike, as it raises the percentage of free hormones in the blood for both
  • Contrary to cases of osteoporosis and less fixation of calcification.
  • Relieves symptoms of disorders that usually accompany menopause (such as feeling hot, feeling tired, restless and depressed.
  • Tonic for muscles and the desire to get bigger muscles.
  • It relieves degenerative joint pain (rheumatism) by generally taking it and applying it topically, as it relieves nerve pain such as the pain of a herniated disc and the pain of compression of the nerve root.
  • Resistant to the symptoms of aging and the accompanying bad mood, constipation, cold feeling and fatigue.
  • Corrector for appetite disorders, whether excess weight or obesity in convalescence cases of various diseases.

In short, the royal jelly is – with a secret of its own – the elixir of youth

What are the effects of royal jelly?



The bees collect a resin from the dark-color trees’ tops then kneading them in combs then adding their secretions. It hereby transfers into a substance similar to mortar coating their network’s wall and the hexagonal premises where they lay their eggs in for sterilizing it and sealing the cracks in their network. This substances is called (Akbar) , (Comb), or (Propolis) which is the most fascinating substance of the beehive. Many scholars think that the akbar is entered to the future medicines store from its wide gate whereas its indications sounded assertive in treating many diseases as well as its features of enhancing the vitality and beauty of skin and hair which makes it the priority requirement for all women. The best types of it; is the green propolis



The Propolis Honey is distinguished with the merge of honey with the propolis in close manner that produces the features of the honey and propolis together in which the propolis maintains the honey fresh totally as it sounds just picked from the hive and forbid its damaging. The eater hereby benefits from the honey’s multiple features.


propolis is unique in its properties which man could not produce a match to it.  The most important benefits of propolis are:


  • The propolis is a strong antioxidant in which it rids the body from its free oxidative radicals which is deemed the hidden reason lies beneath many chronic diseases such as arteriosclerosis, stress, diabetes, aching joints, and overall geriatric diseases.
  • The propolis and honey help to speed wound healing and the same to burns without any complications.
  • The propolis reduces the formation of clots with many mechanisms including that it has the impact as blood thinner
  • Tonic for immunity that benefits in cases of immunocompromising and convalescence situations. It also reduces Memory impairment for the elderly as it works as protector of the nervous tissue.
  • Antimicrobial and beneficial in suppressing microbial infections (bacteria, fungal, virus) as it inhibits the activity and growth of such microbes. It also boosts the effects of antibiotics
  • Anti-inflammatory thus it is useful in arthritis and rheumatic fever as it has a similar effect as aspirin. It is also useful in hepatic fibrosis and support liver functions
  • It is used for treating the majority of infections in body. It is safe and has no side effects.
  • It helps in treating the diabetes.
  • Relieves the joints pains, piles, and rheumatic.
  • Helps in not infected with the artherosclerotic diseases , chronic diseases, and rheumatic disease.
  • Ceases dental caries and their pains.
  • Removes the undesired mouth smell and it has many medications.

In fact there is nothing in nature equals the Propolis and the royal jelly till day and human cannot make anything in which its features. The Propolis is immunity tonic that makes it useful in the immunocompromised and convalescence cases. It also reduces the aging diseases whereas it functions as protector of the nervous tissue. It is useful in the liver diseases whereas it resists the damage to the liver cells and assists it with performing its functions. It also removes the undesirable mouth odor plus its further medications.


For knowing the nutritional and healthy unique features of the royal jelly, it is enough know that drops of such amazing food are enough to transfer an ordinary bee larva to a queen differentiated than the other remaining bees in terms of larger size than others and much longevity, however it continues laying the eggs days and nights. The scholars hereby directed to benefit from its great capacity in activating the spawning and fertilization at humans.



Two spoons of this honey can be taken by adults morning and evening, preferably half an hour before eating, while children can take two tea spoons instead. It should be noted that all bee products may cause allergic symptoms in some people. In such cases it is quite enough to stop the use of the product for these symptoms to disappear.



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