HONEY OMEGA rich in omega 3 – 6 -9


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A mixture that combines essential fatty acids in a ratio of 2:1:1 to omega 3:6:9, respectively, with natural bee honey, where the balance between the ratios of these acids is important, and omega 3 is the most important in achieving this balance, and it is linked to improving health.
Among the most prominent benefits of omega 3 are the following:
1. Promote cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart failure.
2. Reduce triglyceride levels and protect against atherosclerosis,
3. Reducing the risk of premature birth Omega-3 is also one of the very important supplements for children and infants, due to the important role it plays in the     proper development of the brain from the fetal stage in the womb, and it has an equally important role in children with learning difficulties, concentration disorders, and even behavioral disorders.
4 Contribute to the fight against depression
5. Preventing the production of inflammatory compounds, such as inflammation in the lung, such as: asthma and arthritis
6. Enhance brain function and memory and fight Alzheimer’s and strokes

Omega 6 benefits:
– Eating omega-6 reduces harmful cholesterol and, on the other hand, increases beneficial cholesterol in the body.
– Helps control blood sugar levels by increasing sensitivity to the hormone insulin.

Omega 9 benefits:
• Reduces the risk of heart disease and this is what was found in some research in which 20 g of oleic acid was taken daily.
• Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

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