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Ingredients: Manuka Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Arabic GumOlive Leaf Extract, Pomegranate Molasses Bitter Melon Extract, Sesame Paste, Mastika and Himalayan Salt.
Manuka honey:

Produced by European bees from the nectar of the Manuka tree flowers in New Zealand and Australia. It contains a high percentage of antioxidants and therapeutic enzymes.
And the package says +15 UMF, which means that each kilo of honey contains 514 mg of methylglyoxal, which is responsible for the strength of honey as an antimicrobial, and its benefits include:
Treatment of reflux esophagitis (GERD), which causes acidity, activates the immune system in the body against diseases, anti-oxidant and cancer, and prevents high blood sugar and cholesterol
Treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers caused by stomach germs and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and an antimicrobial that causes sore throat – cough – fever sores.

 Manuka Super:
is characterized by the addition of  bitter melon, which has the ability to control blood sugar levels and stimulate natural insulin, which benefits diabetic patients


Manuka honey is made in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush.

Manuka Honey has been used since ancient times to treat multiple conditions. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that researchers discovered that honey has natural antibacterial qualities.

Honey protects against damage caused by bacteria. Some also boost production of special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection. And honey has an anti-inflammatory action that can quickly ease pain and inflammation.

Researchers had discovered that it is a cure for helicobacter pylori of stomach and for digestive dysfunction like colon, peptic ulceration and hyperacidity.


Hydrogen peroxide is a component of honey, it gives most honey an antibiotic quality, but some types of honey, including manuka honey, also contain other ingredients with antibacterial properties.

The main antibacterial component in manuka honey is a methylglyoxal compound found in most honeys, but usually only in small amounts.

Manuka containing MG comes from converting another compound dihydroxyacetone, which is found in high concentrations in manuka flower nectar, and MG is believed to give manuka honey its antibacterial strength. It is the higher concentration of MG, which is strong as an antibiotic effect, which determines the true benefits of Manuka honey.


    • Help in digestive dysfunctions
    • Antacid so it relieves heart burn
    • Anti microbial against Helicobacter Pylori
    • Relieves GERD
    • Relieves symptoms of Irritable bowel disease
    • Boost immunity
    • Relieves Duodenal ulcer of the small intestine

It was also noted that manuka honey has calming effects for: sore throat – cold symptoms – coughs – inflammations of the inner cavity, symptoms of colds, and fever sores.


 Manuka Super:
is characterized by the addition of bitter melon, which has the ability to control blood sugar levels and stimulate natural insulin, which benefits diabetic patients

فوائد نبات الكارلا

bitter melon






Measures the three signature compounds that ensure Manuka Honey’s unique properties. It is the only independently certified and tested rating that requires it to be genuine, monofloral, and sourced & packed in New Zealand.

Classifications of UMF depends on certain physical properties distinguishing manuka honey like liptospirine and methyl glyoxal.

UMF classifications are in accordance with the efficiency of the desired NPA characteristics of honey.Usually honey is named with NPA ranging between 5 – 9.9 for +UMF5. And honey with NPA ranging between 10.0 – 14.9 to be classified +UMF10 and So on….


MGO is methylgloxal, sometimes referred to as MG which is one of the most important effective component found in manuka honey. The number written beside MGO describes the amount in milligrams of the effective component found in each kilogram of honey. So that 500 MGO means that there are 500 mg of the effective component found in each kilogram of honey.

5+ MGO 83
10+ MGO 263
15+ MGO 514
20+ MGO 829
25+ MGO 1200

Some physical properties of manuka honey

Manuka honey tends to be dark in color and is as close to creamy as it is to the liquid.

It is a light sensitive honey so it is packing in dark container. It has a floral fragrance and a strong floral taste that more similer to medicine than normal honey.

Measure the color of manuka honey according to the (Pfund) scale for determining the honey color.

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