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Palestinian Extra virgin olive oil made from unrefined, cold-pressed olives. Tested & certified as being of superior quality from the Plant Council for quality as it has a peroxide value of 12 and free oleic acid 0.8%.




Contained strong antioxidants and monounsaturated fat, maintains normal blood clotting and cholesterol levels. so, protect from heart disease.

Balance insulin and glucose levels in blood

Improve memory and brain functions.

Lowers blood pressure and Boost immunity.

Helps alleviate rheumatoid arthritis

Feeding lactating mothers with it provide their babies with linoleic acid needed for brain & nerve development

Counteract heavy metal poisoning due to pollution of food and environment

Palestinian Extra virgin olive oil made from unrefined, cold-pressed olives. Tested & certified as being of superior quality from the Plant Council for quality as it has a peroxide value of 12 and free oleic acid 0.8%.

Amazing benefits of olive oil:
Nature is the first pharmacy man resorted to before the discovery of medicine and treatments.

Olive oil is one of the richest natural sources and the most containing many health benefits, we show you the benefits and importance of drinking olive oil on an empty stomach.

Eating a teaspoon of olive oil daily, helps improve human health and treats some health problems
This is because it contains a lot of antioxidants and important nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids.
Olive oil helps soften the stomach and get rid of constipation
And that by eating one tablespoon on an empty stomach with a tablespoon of lemon juice to further speed up the digestion process.
Eating a spoonful of olive oil on an empty stomach is useful in eliminating gastritis and ulcers
And get rid of digestive disorders, and keep the digestive system in a healthy state, including getting rid of gas and bloating.
It effectively contributes to protecting the liver for hepatitis C patients. A glass of grapefruit juice with a spoonful of olive oil can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.
As this reduces the ability of the C virus to move to and destroy healthy cells.
Eating olive oil on an empty stomach helps in the slimming process. Where olive oil can be used on an empty stomach to lose weight
when following a correct diet; As it reduces appetite and hunger, due to its richness in oleic acid
which goes directly to the small intestine; Where it turns into the hormone “oleo-ethanolamide”, which in turn works to give a feeling of satiety in the brain and reduce the feeling of hunger.
Eating a teaspoon of olive oil daily, works to control the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and triglycerides.
Benefits of olive oil in the treatment of diabetes:
Many diabetics resort to treatments and things from nature to control the level of sugar in the blood.

One of these natural remedies and methods is the use of olive oil to help reduce the level of glucose in the blood. There are many tips for using raw olive oil daily.

It can be eaten by drinking it directly or by entering it in eating some meals or using it for cooking.

What is diabetes and what are its types?

What you should know about diabetes is that it is now considered one of the most prevalent diseases in the world, with an estimated 382 million people living with this disease around the world.

It is a chronic condition of high blood glucose level above the normal range, as a result of several reasons

Either due to a deficiency in the hormone insulin secreted by the pancreas gland and works to enter glucose from the blood into the cells

Or because of the resistance of cells to insulin, which fails to varying degrees in the performance of its function.

There are other types of diabetes associated with certain conditions

Such as gestational diabetes that affects pregnant women during their pregnancy and may go away on its own after pregnancy

Or it may continue with a woman after pregnancy and throughout her life, another type is neurodiabetes

Which affects people who are predisposed to contracting the disease and their symptoms appear suddenly when they are exposed to a major problem or severe nervous pressure.

Is it useful to eat olive oil in cases of diabetics?
Olive oil has many benefits for health in general, but is it really one of the amazing benefits of olive oil that it helps diabetics in the face of this disease?

The answer is found in many medical research conducted on diabetes patients, including the study conducted by Sapienza University in Rome

And Italy using a sample of 25 patients, and a group of them were given meals based on olive oil

While the other group was given meals based on corn oil, and by measuring the level of blood sugar in the two groups

They found that the first group had significantly lower blood sugar levels than the second group

This necessarily proves that eating olive oil lowers blood sugar levels more than corn oil.

Not only that, but some studies have found that olive oil contains highly antioxidants

The problem with diabetics is that high blood sugar increases oxidation

Thus, eating olive oil acts as a protective factor for diabetics from oxidative stress.

We also add that diabetes are more likely to develop heart disease than others

And that olive oil has benefits related to heart health, so the consumption of olive oil by diabetics

It will benefit them in terms of reducing the risk of clots, improving the level of cholesterol in the blood, lowering the level of blood pressure and strengthening the blood vessels.

What are the benefits of olive oil for hair?
Olive oil helps a lot to eliminate dandruff on the scalp, as it can be used with lemon juice

Which in turn plays a factor and an effective role in eliminating dandruff.

Where we take an amount of lemon juice equivalent to half a cup with the amount of another half a cup of olive oil

We massage the scalp well as well as the hair strands from the roots to the ends

Leave it for twenty minutes and then wash your hair well

It is best to use this mixture once a week, as it greatly helps in getting rid of the dandruff that many suffer from.

Olive oil helps treat brittle and damaged hair, as olive oil has great effectiveness on the hair, as it softens it and removes split ends and frizz.

Olive oil is used every night and rubbed on the hair well until it penetrates into it

With the periodic use of it, we can notice a big difference in the hair, as it becomes smooth and free of breakage.

Care for fragile hair, take a teaspoon of olive oil every day and put it on the palms of your hands and rub it on the hair

Until it penetrates between the locks, then comb the hair well and follow this method daily

Where olive oil is one of the most important hair benefits, you will enjoy healthy hair in a short period.

Benefits of olive oil for the skin:
Moisturizing the skin: One of the best uses of olive oil for the skin is moisturizing. Olive oil is a great moisturizer for the face and body, especially


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