TALBEENA WITH SAFFRON (8sachets×20g)160gm + 8 tablespoons of free honey to sweeten


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Talbineh is a broth made of barley flour, ground within its bran and cooked with milk

The Prophetic Talbinah

Grief treatment

The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Talbeenah is a nice splint to the heart of a sick person, and it will remove some sadness.” Sahih Al-Bukhari

Talbineh is a broth made of barley flour, ground within its bran and cooked with milk

The benefits of talbeenah:

  1. It is a treatment for depressed patients because it contains the necessary minerals to calm the nerves and contains antioxidants that maintain the integrity of the nerve conductors
  2. Barley contains fibers that are easy to digest, laxative, and stimulant for the wormy movement of the intestine, so it relieves the colon from constipation and relaxes it and cleanses the intestine
  3. Barley helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and lowers high blood pressure because it contains potassium, so it is useful for patients with heart and high blood pressure.
  4. A stimulant and nourishing for the liver – Rich in nutrients, it benefits general weakness and enhances growth in children and strengthens memory – Diuretic and improves kidney function – Generates breast milk

In addition to the containment of Talbeenah on the calming nutrients of nervous tension that reduce depression, Mujeza Company has added saffron to its content to promote the elimination of depression and add the benefits of saffron to this prophetic meal

Among the benefits of saffron:

A source of high nutritional values ​​…

  1. Asthma treatment …
  2. Combating depression …
  3. Get rid of sleep disturbances …
  4. Cancer Control …
  5. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease …
  6. Promote sexual health…
  7. Treatment of menstrual disorders

Ibn Majah narrated from Aisha’s hadith that she said: If someone from his family died he took a soup of barley, he would order soup from barley, then his family eats it, then he said: (It amuses the heart of a sad one and clear the heart of a sick one just like a lady clear the dirt away from her face with water.


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