Kuwaiti Sider Honey Super 500gm


A blend of kuwaiti sider honey, royal jelly and propolis


In Kuwait, Sidr trees are abundant in residential and wild areas.

Honey is produced from it in the months of October and November, and its honey is characterized by the flavor of Sidr and a very excellent taste that is preferred by the people of Kuwait, especially in the treatment of allergic diseases, as well as Sidr honey wax for oral and sinus diseases by adding drops of bee gum (Proplis) over the wax gives excellent results.

Health properties:

– It is useful in treating anemia and activates the immune system in the body

– It is useful for the male and female reproductive system, as it increases fertility, stimulates sexual vitality and uterine contraction during childbirth

– Helps, prevent and treat from microbes, fungi and viruses

– Stimulates the liver, pancreas and kidneys and prevents cancer

– Disinfectant for urinary system and get rid of incontinence

– It is useful for seasonal allergy like asthma and coughing

– Nourishes the body with important minerals and antioxidants


Sider Honey:

This honey is known by its high nutritional characteristics and it is requested by the citizens of these regions because of its multiple particularities and they used to offer it in the ancient time as gifts for kings and leaders as a sign of love and respect. Sidr honey enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids methylglyoxal (MGO) content when compared to all other types of honey available in the world market when it comes to quality also sidr honey has lowest water content which does not only increases its potency of immune system boost up but also increase its shelf life.

Sidr honey properties
Sidr single-source floral honey is the product of only the nectar of the Sidr tree flowers, where the Sidr tree is used medicinally from the bark to the fruit, and it is worth noting that Sidr honey is anti-bacterial, so it is expensive due to the wide medicinal uses in the Middle East
The traditional Sidr honey with its health benefits has a very good reputation. Sidr trees are found in desert areas and valleys which is known as the jujube trees.
It is worth noting that most types of raw honey are slightly acidic in nature, but organic Sidr honey as an exception has a pH value closer to the neutral number
That is, it takes a few seconds to dissolve in the bloodstream when ingested, providing a high-quality and effective source of energy, minerals, and vitamins.
Honey for these medicinal properties is very popular among Olympian-level athletes, so it is taken before vigorous exercise.

The electrical conductivity of Sidr honey is approximately 0.78 units, and from this it is clear that it is close to the degree of neutralization like water, and it is stable and does not change by external factors from storage conditions like other types of honey except with difficulty.

Some researches took place in Egypt had shown higher percentage of antioxidants in Sidr honey compared with other types of honey. Sidr trees in Egypt are found in Sina and other areas. When our General Manager visited the Valley of Tur Mountain in Sina, he received Sidr honey as a gift from beekeepers there.

According to tests carried out by the laboratory technician Zabihullah Ahmed Reda at (Mujeza Al-Shefaa in Kuwait – quality control department) Sidr honey doesn’t change when exposed to heat, whether low, medium or high and even at the temperature of 80° C degree, except that little thing, which is negligible in terms of both sugars diverse it contains or enzymes that rate of its change in other types of honey is very fast even when exposed to low temperatures, Also the rise of  HMF (an indicator of the adulteration of honey with invert syrups -syrups of glucose and fructose), did not rise in Sidr honey except for two degrees or three degrees, while it rose in the other types of honey and reached up to 30 and even 50 degrees (in ppm) at temperature of 70-80 ° C within half an hour.

Also a sample of old Sidr honey stored in sealed glass for 10 years is examined in the same laboratory, it shows no changes in the chemical composition, quality specifications and the percentage of HMF didn’t increase.

When the director of the company and founder asked the Director and Technician of the laboratory of quality in Kuwait about his experiences and observations over the past years about the types of honey entering the country, he told us that he found this type (means Sidr honey) is the finest honey and completely comply with the required standards and specifications. Several laboratory examinations were done on Sidr honey at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (a governmental research foundation with high potential and high-tech devices) it has confirmed the quality of Sidr honey.

In a recent study by researcher Dr. Aman Ahmed Mohammed Zubair from the University of “UCSI” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia supervised by Dr. Patrick Oukichacoa, demonstrated the effectiveness of Sidr honey in treating inflammation, reducing hectic fever, stabilize activity of the body’s cells, protect against infections and relieve pain. The study, conducted on (rats) showed that, the pharmacological effect of Sidr honey is higher than aspirin and indomethacin (an anti inflammatory and pain relievers).

Researches are still underway to determine the pharmacological mechanisms of Sidr honey and its effectiveness for treating other diseases, the study is the first scientific document published internationally. The study was published in the magazine (World Academy of Medical Sciences, Engineering and Technology) and high court. Also the research was discussed in a conference held in France – Paris Augustus 2011, and Britain – London Dec, 2011. It worth mentioning that the investigator was a girl student from Yemen studying Medical genetics and biotechnology in Malaysia. She’s a member of the American Society for Pharmacology and therapeutics, and a member of the British pharmaceuticals society.


Despite these obvious facts, Sidr trees is still surrounded with a lot of ambiguity in the Arab culture, it says that Sidr honey is been used in magic and sorcery along with others treatment uses. Hundreds years ago, Sidr honey was given as a gift to kings, princes to express appreciation and loyalty. In other cultures, we found that old Indian used Sidr honey to solve eyes’ problems and clear vision. In Western culture, Sidr trees is sacred among Christians.

Royal jelly:

Secreted by worker bees and then fed directly to the queen and as a result of its unique effect, the queen gains the ability to lay eggs in huge quantities, as well as acquire a lifespan of up to 4 years compared to several weeks for the age of the worker bee.

Among the health and therapeutic benefits of royal jelly:

  • It activates human cells that have the feature of hormonal secretion. It treats cases of infertility in men and women and relieves the symptoms of disorders that usually accompany menopause, such as feeling hot, feeling tired, chest tightness and depression.
  • Enhances the body’s immunity and resistance to diseases in general
  • It prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and removes wrinkles by taking it orally or using it topically,
  • Prevents fibrosis that occurs with age, especially prostate fibrosis, and lowers blood cholesterol,
  • Contrasting cases of osteoporosis, strengthening muscles, relieving joint pain (rheumatism), resisting the symptoms of aging and the accompanying bad mood, fatigue and appetite disorders


The bees collect a resin from the dark-color trees’ tops then kneading them in combs then adding their secretions. It hereby transfers into a substance similar to mortar coating their network’s wall and the hexagonal premises where they lay their eggs in for sterilizing it and sealing the cracks in their network. This substances is called (Akbar) , (Comb), or (Propolis) which is the most fascinating substance of the beehive. Many scholars think that the akbar is entered to the future medicines store from its wide gate whereas its indications sounded assertive in treating many diseases as well as its features of enhancing the vitality and beauty of skin and hair which makes it the priority requirement for all women. The best types of it; is the green propolis


The benefits of propolis:

In addition to maintaining the validity of the product for a long time prevent its spoiling.

  • A strong antioxidant that protects the body from the formation of free radicals in it to protect the body from diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, joint pain and all of the diseases of aging.
  • Propolis and honey help speed healing of wounds and burns.
  • It reduces the formation of blood clots by more than one mechanism, including that it has a blood-thinning effect.
  • Tonic for immunity, anti-microbial, antiviral, and anti-tumor
  • Anti-inflammatory, useful in cases of arthritis and rheumatic fever
  • It resists liver cell damage, tooth decay and pain, and prevents bad breath
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